Monday, 3 September 2012

The Countdown Begins

Spiral Tarot

So Wednesday sees the start of the new academic year: Mini Diva in 5th grade, Destructo Boy in 2nd grade. New uniforms have been bought, new rucksacks, lunchboxes - you know the drill.

As with most things, though, there is always a last minute glitch: it was my mistake to assume that the new school shoes I bought for Mini Diva in the summer half-term would still fit now, a mere12 weeks or so later. Oh no. She has gone from a size 1 to a size 3, and argues that she should be able to wear my high heeled wedges into town.

As the kids are out today, tomorrow will see me downing a double dose of whatever anti-psychotic drugs I can lay my hands on, before taking Mini Diva shoe-shopping, a task I normally shuffle off onto DH, as he has far more patience and is much calmer than me at dealing with the vagaries of onlyjust-prepubescent mood swings.

Do you think maybe that downing the drugs with a good healthy shot or three of gin would perhaps quell the feelings of dread, fear and misery ?

No ? Tell me how you know .....

But anyway, I really have no time to chat with you, much as I know you enjoy it - the front and back of Destructo Boy's sweater are complete, along with half of one sleeve; last night I had to go through my stash tubs twice, to find the ball of Stylecraft Special DK in 'Midnight' that I was absolutely positive I had, and without which I will not be able to complete said sweater in time.I have maybe two thirds of a ball. It may be enough, it may not. 

 Out of pity, do you want to reconsider your answer to the gin/drugs question now ?


  1. Make you a deal (which would be genuine if I were much closer ;) )
    You have the Gin, I'll take mini Diva shoe shopping?? ;)

  2. I once took my friend's daughter shopping for winter boots. Not only did I nearly kill her (small boys don't seem to tantrum to the same extent over footwear), but when we eventually DID manage to find a pair of boots that fitted that tiny intersection between What She Liked and What Was Suitable For School....when we got them home, her mother hated them.

    Never doing that favour again. Take as many drugs as it takes to get through the experience - ice cream and sweeties work particularly well.


  3. Maybe she'll surprise you? One can hope, eh? :)

  4. Wish you luck! And agree with pills and gin.-) I have two daughters I had to buy shoes to but they are teens now. Much easier, I give them money and say go buy shoe and they do while I am drinking coffee.-) But I will not think of those day I had to take both of them to a store and try stop them from killing each other because both want the same shoes and both refused to have the same shoe as the sister.


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