Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Knitting Mystery #1

I was doing some sorting out - mainly, chucking all of my odds and ends, leftover partial balls of yarn, into a big tub. Someday I plan to use them to crochet granny squares to make some kind of crazy mismatching afghan blanket-type thingy, which I will then gift to someone who has displeased me, but who at the same time, will be too afraid of me to throw it out.

And here is Knitting Mystery Number 1 (for me, anyway). How does the same person who buys this:

very lovely, expensive Kidsilk Haze

and this:

very lovely and not really expensive 4 ply silk

also actually manage to pay actual cash for this ?


  1. Is it because it says "FAB" on it and you agreed? LOL

  2. LOL but I know FAB means Foully Awful Blemish :-) There must be some trendy mother somewhere who will like it for a super-cool baby cardi .... ;-)

  3. Because it's easier to spot a child wearing that, even if you do have to pretend they're not yours ;)

  4. Yep - better than a HiViz jacket, that yarn ! LOL got 3 blimmin' balls of it ....

  5. Use it to teach DD to knit :)

  6. She won't use anything but pink :-)

  7. my son has learned to knit with such a ball of wool. Knits up lovely - and always interesting pattern.

    I second Ania's suggestion. Tell her that pink is a colour that needs to be earned. She can start with paint-factory explosiveness.



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