Saturday, 6 March 2010

Where Did It Go ?

So I need to know what hit me. One minute I've been told I can't have children, then I meet DH, and then I'm pregnant. I called my Dad to tell him the news, and he asked me ''How'd that happen ?'' I thought that at his age he'd know all about the birds and bees already.

I didn't know til she arrived that she was a girl - we wanted (another) surprise. I had a fabulously easy pregnancy (barring severe indigestion from chillis, pizza and eggs) and birth, after the hiccup of my waters breaking and still not having any contractions two and a half days later; off we went to the hospital, since I'd dragged my feet for considerably longer than the midwife was comfortable with. DH raced home for the Tens machine since the hospital did not have even one that was working. Meanwhile they gave me a hormone pessary to start the contractions.

DH has a heavy foot on the accelerator (like all his family), so he made it back in time to be very helpful - the machine I was hooked up to, he could see when a contraction was about to start, so he told me when to suck on the Entonox. The only time I was grumpy was when I heard him tell me ''Shh, Shh, Shh'' - I thought he was telling me to be quiet; I told him in no uncertain terms that I would make just as much noise as I wanted to. However, I wasn't a screamer, more like Monica Seles at twice the volume. I was so glad he was there, I had absolute trust that nothing would happen to me that I didn't want, because he was there; so I could relax.

Weighing 7 lbs. 15 1/2 oz. DD arrived at 9 p.m, a mere 5 1/2 hours after the first contractions, and the first thing she did was smile. A blink later, and today it is her 7th birthday. She is confident, happy, bright, popular, bossy, opinionated, stubborn and still smiling. I love the fantastic child that she is now - she is the light of my life - but I sorely miss the lovely baby that she was only just a moment ago.

No regrets for this wild, uncharted diversion my life has taken off the planned route - I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


  1. It's all so bitter sweet isn't it Viv? I adore the men who have emerged from 'my boys' but I so miss the boys they were. Sometimes, in fact, I cry like I've been bereaved. I wish I had valued that time more - instead it was filled with thoughts like, 'well, another year and I'll be able to do x.'

    My mum warned me!


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