Friday, 27 August 2010

How to Survive the End of the World

I had two horrible jobs hanging over my head that I needed to accomplish before school starts. Yesterday, since it rained all day, I managed one of them: I turfed out, sorted, cleaned, and re-stacked my pantry and all my kitchen cupboards, including the monster that is the under the sink cupboard. However, this time, some of the scariest stuff was in the pantry - I chucked some stuff out that had a best before date of 2008. I'm not sure that was entirely sensible, because when this comes:

maybe we would be needy and desperate enough to eat it. By the way, that is a Zombie Attack.

I tend to avoid such movies, and indeed, even straightforward disaster movies, because they make me worry about what I would do in that situation. Mainly because I have kids.

The Day After Tomorrow starring one of my favorite actors, Dennis Quaid, was just such a film: I was awake long after it had finished working out my Plan for survival. The Plan involves the pantry and every single duvet in the house, so it's a good thing it's now clean and tidy. The Key to Life is anticipation and organization.

So then housework is more intrinsically important to the longterm survival of the human race than I had at first considered, which kind of makes the everyday drudgery of it seem a leetle bit more worthwhile.


  1. I take it you are still off the fags then?.....

    Ali x

  2. When pondering how I was going to spend this Bank Holiday weekend I thought 'I'm going to get the flat in impeccable order'. Then I decided 'no, I'm not' and will instead spend my time switching between warm baths and lazing around on the sofa.

  3. LOL Alison, yes: what will I do when my last cleaning job is done ??
    Ah but Mimi, not only will I now survive the Zombies, I found a bottle of gin I forgot I had :-D

  4. haha, my husband would be an expert when the zombies attack! he watches so many zombie movies and kills so many in video games! I know I'm safe if I stay with him :) I guess one thing about having a small kitchen is always knowing whats in the cupboard.

  5. I have never tasted gin, but I don't drink much. I'm off down to the orchard for a while - I just wondered how you were doing as haven't seen you around for a while, and wanted to make sure your quest to do the thing that we are forbade to mention hasn't driven you over the edge...


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