Wednesday, 18 August 2010

WIP Wednesday 2

To be honest, I totally forgot about this meme today, so I've just been running around taking pics of what I'm in the middle of. And there does seem to be quite a bit, all at the same time, which is perhaps not the most effective way of getting things done.

Firstly, I transformed Mini Diva's room from this:

Over the course of approx. 3 1/2 hours, 3 full trash bags, and 3 loads of washing in the machine, to this:

And then I cut for curing some Lavender and Camomile soap:

Then the UK/EU soap swap box arrived:

which meant I needed to sit and fondle/gloat at all the posh stuff it contained with one of these:

And my plan for the evening is to attempt to complete this:


  1. That soap looks really fantastic. So does that cup of tea...good idea!

  2. Can you head north? And bring the bin bags and Vim with you....

    Marvellous transformation for Mini Diva - bet it takes her about 10 mins to transform it back into Hestia-style hovel ;-)

    Ali x

  3. I want to try a dresden but they make me nervous! I love yours!

  4. I love this post! LOL, looks like you've been busy!

  5. Ooh, I need you! My whole house looks like that most of the time, though the two black bags of dirty laundry from the Wales trip are slowly being transformed into clean laundry to be put away. Sleeping bags today :S

  6. Impressive room transformation and I love the soap, looks great. What is the patchwork going to turn into?

  7. the lav/cham soap sounds you have an etsy shop? i just love those two scents and together i bet they sure do smell wonderful:)


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