Friday, 20 August 2010

Time Management

So as you might notice from the sidebar, I'm well into Day 5. And am becoming increasingly aware of a side effect that I don't really remember from last time.

I haven't stopped. My bed stripped and sheets not only washed, but dried, courtesy of the warm sunny day. Finished cleaning the kids' rooms, polished, cleaned their windows, beds remade anticipating their return on Sunday. All patchworking paraphernalia sorted out and put away again tidily in some form of order. Sewing machine packed up and away.

'Scuse me one second while I just go hang out to dry my second pair of floor length curtains today. I'll pop the kettle on as I go by for a nice cuppa tea while I'm chatting with you. Checked the temperature of the lye, it's just about right to add to the oils. Do that, stick blend, add fragrance, put in molds. Wash up all soapmaking stuff. Oh yes - tea; that's what I came in here for. Might as well have a bit of toast too seeing as how I forgot breakfast and lunch.

Go for a wee while I'm waiting for the kettle, and clean the bathroom window and mirror before I come out. Take out both the recycling trash and the real trash; remember to empty cat litter into real trash first. Take the guinea pig out to run on the patio while I get ready to do her cage. Toast is cold. Boil kettle for third time.

Are you still here ?? Excellent. Perhaps you can explain how to work a break into one's list of tasks/activities. I always used to do a carrot system ....say, do the ironing, then you can sit down and smoke a cigarette. But now I feel like I'm wasting time just sitting there, whereas if I was having a cigarette, I'd be enjoying that and merely pondering contentedly what else I was planning to do.

Being a whirling dervish does mean one gets a lot done, at least ....

But there is the hoovering and mopping to do yet .....


  1. How could I miss that huge widget on the right that tells us you've been off the fags for 4 days?! Well done you!

    It's sure making you a bit manic though....

    Keep going!

    Ali x

  2. LOL just a tad :-) Could only do this if on my own - DH at work, also hence kids at Nanny's; cats are too fast, can avoid me easily ...

  3. You make me feel a bit like a slug. I love the pillows and soap. Keep putting that energy to good work.

  4. Find a good book - read a chapter whilst having a cuppa :-)

    You make me feel extremely lazy with all the things that you've done. However, if it carries on like this, you'll need extra places to clean: i'll put my flat first on the list;-)


  5. take a break and knit a row or 10:) then get on up and do something else for a few:) you can steep the tea while you do a chore, then pick it up for your knitting break:) congrats on 5 days! keep it up, it is well worth it:)

  6. totally understand the cigarette and contemplating moment. It is a ritual of mine. I take great inspiration in your courage to quit. I've done it more than a few times, but always seem to go back.

    It's a nasty habit and one that I wish to break again soon. Good luck with your quest. Be strong.


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