Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Poor Domestic Choice #1

Somewhen last year, I think it was, Destructo Boy destructed our perfectly adequate Hoover Telios vacuum cleaner:

I have mercifully forgotten the details of process that lead to the poor thing's demise, but the culmination was that somehow the contents of the cylinder (dust & fur) mostly ended up in the motor.

We replaced it with this:

Another perfectly adequate vacuum cleaner. But what I neglected to notice was the fact that it has a HEPA filter. Yes, yes, we all know that it's brilliant for getting rid of dust mites, pollen and other dangerously minute nasal threats - but this filter requires to be cleaned, and by that I mean washed, after every. single. use. And when you have washed it, you cannot use it for a minimum of 24 hours while it dries.

What was I thinking ? In fact, it's abundantly obvious that I can't have been thinking at all: a thinking household would not have selected such a precious snowflake of a vacuum cleaner to cope with the detritus of a family of four - one of whom is Destructo Boy - 3 cats and a dog. This vacuum cleaner requires more attention from me than my kids get.

Of course, I blame DH. He has attempted to defend himself by saying that he had raised this very objection to this model, but I had steamrollered him ignored him insisted and just bought it. I do not recall any kind of discussion about our choice of vacuum. He says I conversed with him as if I was both awake and compos mentis. You'd think by now that he'd be able to tell when I'm really listening and engaged in versus the non-committal clearly not-paying-attention grunts of ''uh-huh'' ....

Many apologies for the odd look of this post: formatting is haywire, I can't change the font, pictures won't go where they're put: I have been swearing at this current breakdown of Blogger since last night. I may have to consider Wordpress ..... gulp.


  1. You just need to be a bit more like me.

    Just hoover weekly.

    Or less.

    We've got one of those Dyson things which I adore using cos I can watch the detrius whizz into the clear cylinder which I find oddly satisfying.

    Ali x

  2. I feel for you.
    Last year DH broke (yes, really - he's a demon with the vacuuming) the handle of my faithful old AquaJet Hoover. (Not only hoovers but can wash carpet too!) I replaced it with a Vax bagless jobby (a Dyson ripoff). What a mistake! You have to pretty much take the thing apart to empty it and end up covered in all the dust you just vacuumed up. All the bristles have fallen out of the cleaning head as well.
    I'm going to try and replace the handle on the old one - OK the bags used to explode from time to time, but it was still less messy than this thing :/

  3. oh dear. Is blogger misbehaving yet again? I keep telling myself these hiccups are all to make blogger better.

    I'm one of those people that call anything that sucks dirt off the floor a hoover. My dyson (brilliant machine by the way, drastically reduced my asthma incidents) is a hoover. I bet Mr Dyson won't be best pleased with that.

  4. Even if we had the dosh, I can't bring myself to spend squillions of money on a Dyson ...

  5. I agree about vacuuming less. It really is the most practical thing.

    Sorry about the blogger woes. I've considered wordpress as well, but ultimately don't have the guts.

  6. I love wordpress and so far I haven't had any real problems with it!

  7. I haven't had any issues with Blogger this week, but sorry you're having them.

    I'm certain if he would have offered to clean the dratted thing after each use, you would have heard that. Of course, no such offer was forthcoming I can safely assume?!

  8. Getting a Dyson when you have pets is totally worth it, but if you hate vacuuming as much as I do, I have one word for you - Roomba. Sweetest invention ever, as long as the robots don't rebel against their human masters for a while.


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