Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Hamster Wheel Returns

We had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, again - we watched the Royal Wedding, and thoroughly enjoyed it: the dress, the pomp, but bestest was thanks to the lip-readers, who let us in on what was being said before the main Words at the altar:

Prince Harry as Katharine entered the Abbey: '' Wait til you see her.''

Prince William to Katharine: ''You look beautiful.''

Prince William to Mr.Middleton: ''I thought it was supposed to be just a small family affair''.

Belo was disappointed that Katharine didn't place her bouquet on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a tradition begun by Elizabeth the Queen Mother. I couldn't work out why President Obama hadn't been invited, but the Syrian ambassador was.

It was lovely to see that they were genuinely in love: happy and affectionate. Sad to contrast that with the wedding of Diana and Charles.

It was very grand, posh and imposing while at the same time remaining somehow sort of informal. But I have to say, I prefer my own wedding.

After the event, DH ran away and hid somewhere to avoid the street party that the kids had been looking forward to for so long; his excuse was that he needed to move the car - but I've never known anyone to take over 4 hours to find an alternative parking place. The kids had a fabulous time at the street party - and Mini Diva was most proud that she won me a bottle of wine on the tombola; she's been trying to use it as a moral bludgeon ever since.

Saturday saw us continuing the celebratory weekend with my father's birthday: Auntie Fashion and her family came over as a surprise for him, and we cooked tons of really excellent posh sausages to go with the posh mash that DH made for the birthday meal. Of course, I forgot my camera.

But now all the holidays and fun stuff is over, and we must face again the hamster wheel of life. At least it is still sunny, and I will have more time to knit.


  1. Hiya - she did have her bouquet put on the grave of the Unknown Soldier - at least that's what I read in the paper.

    Also Syrian Ambassador got his invite revoked. I think that the Pres has got more pressing things to do - like prove he's an American to his electorate, poor sod.

    Ali x

  2. Ah - she didn't put it there herself. Yes, I know his invite was revoked - but he shouldn't have been invited in the 1st place; and whether Obama could attend or not has nothing to do with whether he should get an invite :-)

  3. I think President Obama was busy plotting the demise of Bin Laden.

    Regardless, I thought the wedding was absolutely lovely and Kate couldn't have chosen a more beautiful dress.

  4. I did enjoy watching their wedding. It was very charming and he looked so handsome in his red uniform. But my husband looks much sharper in is Marine Corps dress blues ;)

  5. I couldn't agree more with your royal wedding assessment (although I missed the exchange with Kate's father).

    As for Obama, all he needed to do was kill an international terrorist to make all the fools forget about his birth certificate. Sheesh.

  6. I watched on BBC America and it was beautiful. Thanks for clarifying what the princes said because I couldn't read lips!

  7. I watched every single minute of it and it just made my day. Thank you for the phrases for what was said by the royals.

  8. I did not watch it. It made me terribly sad that Diana was not there. I hope that they have a long and happy marriage. I loved her dress. So elegant!

  9. I enjoyed watching the wedding. The bride looked so beautiful and they do seem to be happy. I hope they can remain so. Both seem to be thoroughly decent young people. William was out here recently visiting flood affected areas and people really liked him. He has a genuineness and sensitivity which is very appealing.

    I wonder why you think Obama should have been invited. It was just a family wedding :). William is a long way from the kingship. The US is not part of the Commonwealth.

    It seemed stranger to me that Blair and Brown were not invited though I have since read that Blair blew his chances of any meaningful connection with the royal family through his autobiography.


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