Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WIP Wednesday 41: Enforced Hiatus

I have been cracking on nicely with the scarf I am making for one of my BILs: I had bought (or rather, DH had paid for) 3 balls of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, and here is where it has got to:

It's nowhere near long enough, so I ordered one more ball from McADirect (plus 2 balls of different colors of the discontinued RY Classic Silk Wool DK - more of those another time). This morning I came back from taking the kids to school to find this:

Our old postman used to come around lunchtime, not in the middle of school run time; and if I wasn't in, he'd tuck little parcels like this one behind my big pot of plants by the door. Dang this efficiency stuff.

So that's a miles-too-far walk to pick up the yarn, or wait til Saturday and DH to take me there. After Jewel the rescue cat has been to the vet for a steroid injection for her flea allergy: she has no fleas - now - but has the allergy ie. is scratching herself to pieces .... go figure.

To while away the time in between, I started a baby cardigan for my neighbor-across-the-road's Bump, due next month, using my go-to baby pattern, Sirdar 1629 and some James C.Brett Rainbow Baby DK I picked up from Anjays in Woodbridge: I am surprised and disappointed with myself that I bought it: it is not nice acrylic, being a bit tough and hard, no give or softness. I should have noticed this when I was choosing it, and not have selected it. I can only put this down to feeling rushed. I hate being rushed. Or maybe I am spoiled from knitting with Sublime, and my latent snob tendencies are becoming not so latent anymore ... ? Don't judge me - everyone has 'em, it's just a question of how well one can repress them.

It looks OK, though, and perhaps will feel better after washing and fabric conditioner.

Pop on over to Tami's Amis for other more happening works in progress ....


  1. Scarf is coming along, looking great; sorry you ran out of yarn and now have to wait. I understand postman thing. My regular guy is awesome and does the same thing for me with all the boxes that come for my charity (, he either gives them to my neighbor or tucks them away in a nice dry spot for me. Others don't bother.

  2. I hate those little red cards, I can always hear them saying "you thought you were getting yarn today, but no yarn for you, ner ner ner ner ner"... But maybe I anthropomorphise a bit much ;)

  3. hate it when i run out of yarn and have to waite!
    scarf is looking great though!

  4. The scarf is so nice. I love that color. Sorry the postman didn't just leave your package.

  5. I hate having to wait for yarn too.

    That scarf and colour is scrumdelicious though!!!!!

  6. The postman thing is such a major annoyance! However your scarf is absolutely beautiful!

  7. That's a beautiful cable pattern, it must be so frustrating to have to wait on the yarn! The weekend will be here soon.

  8. The worst is thinking you'll get a package and then getting a little note left that they have it hostage at the post office. :( At least you have something to look forward to on Saturday! The scarf is GORGEOUS!

  9. Finally caught up on the most recent of your posts. Sorry about the non-delivery of your yarn package. I hate it when I get the little "sorry we missed you" sticky note on my door instead of the infinitely preferable package. The scarf looks beautiful, though.


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