Monday, 9 May 2011

Time Flies

It's a week since I last posted, in spite of good intentions to try and post at least twice a week ... with my father home, my sister visiting, and the kids' social diary, I haven't had the time to do justice to writing, seeing as how you all expect such finely crafted and wittily honed literary jewels from me by now ....

In a forlorn attempt to improve the tone of my mind, I accompanied Auntie Fashion and Belo to Sutton Hoo on Friday; they thought that a bit of Culture would be good for me, I gave in for the promise of lunch. It was a fabulous hot and sunny day - we looked round Tranmer House, decorated in the style of the late 1930s (and no wonder people were so miserable then, all that gloomy dark wood panelling and unwelcoming coldness), visited the 2nd-hand book stall, had a lovely lunch (I do like a chilled Aspall's cider) and a quick swish round the exhibition hall. We didn't have time to go see the actual boat or walk the many, many miles of path to see the burial mounds. Oh what a shame. That last may have been a bit mumbled due to my tongue being so far in my cheek.

One or maybe even two or more of these, helps dull the mental and physical torture of enforced Culture aka Mossy Rocks. Except this particular site is so old there aren't any rocks. Or moss.

On Saturday I strong-armed DH into taking me to Twist in Woodbridge to get some yarn for a birthday scarf for one of his 3 brothers; we selected some lovely smooth Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK in the rather oddly named colorway 'Button':

And I am doing the pattern myself as I can't find one that suits and that I also like.

And DH is in the doghouse. We came downstairs on Saturday morning to find Mini Diva's guinea pig, Rosie, had departed in an untimely fashion from unknown causes for the Great Hutch in the Sky. Many sobs and tears later, the shroud and coffin had been debated and agreed upon, and DH said that he would do the burial honors.

As of 8pm Sunday night, Rosie's body was still lying in state in a Tefal toaster box on the patio. When questioned, Mini Diva told me that Daddy was going to take Rosie and bury her at the beach when he went to work. I couldn't destroy her faith in her Daddy by telling her he was lying through his teeth, that Rosie was destined for the black bin - so instead I freaked out my neighbor (watching a murder-mystery on the TV) by shovelling out a hole and burying the little body in the front garden .... Mini Diva chose a rather nice orangey hemerocallis to go above her. DH's grave will get no such nice touches.

Ooooh ! And Holly finally received the April Fool's prize that she won with her pome: you can see the prize here.


  1. Sorry to hear about the lost pet, but it sounds like she got a fine departure!

    And thanks again for the giveaway prize :D

  2. Wow, Sutton Hoo sounds amazing! Then again, I'm still waiting for my 9th century Celtic laird to come whisk me away. ;) I blame Karen Moning's Highlander series for that one.

    One of my biggest regrets in life was not studying archaeology but sticking with English Lit even though it bored me to tears.

  3. Oh sorry to hear about the guinea pig. you did the right thing with the funeral. I can't help wondering when Nibbles is going to go. Should I put him in the mass mouse grave? Probly not.

    I do like that colour of wool, it's very 'spensive looking.

    Ali x

  4. When my daughter's first hamster died we had floods of tears (mainly from me!). Fortunately we had some friends staying who are Morris Men and so we had a rather grand burial ceremony and the hamster was accompanied to her grave by dancing and music on an accordion. Happy/sad/memorable day. Of course, from then on every other dead pet just got chucked in on top, with me warbling something to try to make it look as if they were all treated the same!

  5. Thank you for reminding me I have a dead rat in the fridge - I need to call the cremation people.

    My condolences on the passing of Rosie.

  6. I'm so sorry about Rosie. I hope I can be forgiven for giggling a little as I read her obituary.

  7. Sorry about the guinea pig - but I'll take some that super-looking cider too, please, ok?

  8. RIP Rosie...if your neighbor annoys you, maybe you can transform this into a veiled threat. "Your GP could be next!"


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