Monday, 11 April 2011

And the Winner is ....

After a little tech help from Mimi and Mags, I managed to not only use a random number generator, but take a snap for proof - the winner of my 2nd Annual April Fool's contest is Holly Priestley! Congratulations, Holly !
And her entry was:

Knitting time today
Knit one, Purl Two, Yarn Over Time for nothing else

There were 20 bona fide entries - thank you to everybody who entered; I loved the wide variety of styles and thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's poetry. I am so impressed that your creativity doesn't stop at knitting/crocheting .... the entries can be seen here.


  1. Congratulations Holly! Enjoy your prize (and find some more time to knit!)

  2. Wow thanks so much! I can't believe I won :D

  3. Her entry was WAY better than mine! Congrats, Holly :-)


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