Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gloating Along

LinkLooking forward to a respite after the daily blogging of 2KCBW ? Expecting me to be burnt out having said all I have to say ? Ha ! I bite my thumb in your general direction - you don't get off that lightly. I always have something to say, as DH knows to his cost ...

Firstly, I want to say thank you to the fabulous Eskimimi for all the stuff she did: concept, organizing, buttons, banners, topics etc for Blog Week. I thoroughly enjoyed it - I have have a good nosy snouty poke round lots of blogs that were new to me, and have added loads to my Google Reader.

I even scored most satisfactorily in a concrete way, which I was not expecting; I 'spect you can hear me gloating all the way from here. On Day 1, Janine was saying on her blog Where The Nodding Violets Grow, that she really disliked the Stylecraft Sirocco yarn in the colorway 'Pineapple' she had; I offered to re-home it ... 2 days later it was on my doorstep:

And to make it fairer, I sent Janine some of my handmade soaps.

And then Susie over at Useless Beauty mentioned as how she didn't like the Malabrigo Lace that she had; I offered to trade for it, as I've never seen it and it's reputation is quite mythical. She didn't quite bite my hand off, but here it is:

It is incredibly soft; the colorway is 'Jewel'.

So I want to thank these two generous ladies for increasing my stash so nicely. Which is not involved in my current project ... it is a Seekret Projekt so here is a Seekret Foto:

The completed section of the Seekret Projeckt:

But looking at it ? It needs ribbons. Trailing thin ones. Attached somewhere, somehow.

Don't forget, you have til midnight Friday to enter my April Fool's contest ....


  1. Well done on the wool front. Can't wait to see what the Seekrut Projeckt!


  2. I'm also rather curious about the seekrut projekt - it isn't a meerkat, is it?

  3. Will the person with the best rhyme win the seekrut projekt? :)

    Like that Malabrigo score. :)


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