Friday, 8 April 2011

Springing Out

Yesterday night I cleaned house. This had 2 beneficial side effects: firstly, getting up to a spotless house is a great feeling; and secondly, I don't have to do it all today. Except to vacuum again - I don't know why the darn dog isn't bald, with the amount of fur he sheds.

This is a particular plus because the sun is out again and it is going to be a fabulous weather day; here are a couple of photos of what's on my patio right now - and how late too, as our daffodils and narcissi are usually out during February ...

The brightest of primulas:

And the wallflowers are just about bursting into flame ....

It is the last day of term, and the kids and I have been desperate for the holidays to start - we are all dragged down and out by the long grey cold winter; and my father will be back next week,which they are hugely excited about ....


  1. First of all, what is this THING you call 'getting up to a spotless house'? And is it catching?

    Secondly, What wallflower is that - I'm loving the colours in the photo - is it a yellow bud that ends up a flame red flower with yellow edges? Or is it the colour setting on your camera.

    Hope you and kids have a great time with your dad :-)


  2. Not the color setting on my camera :-) I forget - I bought them in bunches of 10 for a £1 to plant last autumn ...

  3. I just love looking at everyone's flower photos. All our flowers are late too, and I don't think half of them are even going to come up this year. Dang late frosts.

  4. I love those bright colors. XD Your flowers are making me excited for spring.

  5. I finally got caught up on a bunch of your posts. I admire you tremendously for doing 2KCBW and doing it so well; I put it on my wish list of things to do and then totally failed to do it. And I'm very envious of your flowers. We don't expect to see much until March, and that's exactly what we've seen so far: not much.

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous!

    This post reminds me that I should be cleaning. *sigh*


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