Friday, 22 April 2011

Signs of Age #1

So Friday being Big Housework Day, I tend to turn up the music quite loud, as it energizes me. I've been listening to Heart recently when I want to be active, because it's quite a good mix of music (I think); the kids also seem to be familiar with quite a lot of their playlist.

I was listening to them sing along today, and asked for clarification:

''You're spinning right round baby right round like a what did you say ?''

Mini Diva: ''Like a wrecker, Mummy''

Destructo Boy: ''Like a rhythm, Mummy''

So I explained what a ''record'' was, in this context, and was greeted with open disbelief and laughter.

And the version my kids are more familiar with:

I give you the chipmunk version because perhaps it seems a little less ...blatant ? than Flo Rida himself. How cartoon animals singing it is more OK, I can't explain.


  1. Vinyl is making a comeback - quite a few new artists are turning their backs on the flatness of digital sound, so you can impress them by being so "cutting edge" :D

  2. Hahahahaha! It happens. Don't feel too bad. One of the first grade teachers at my school was trying to teach the children the basics of using a calculator and none of them could understand why you couldn't text or send email with it!! The calculators were literately too basic for most of them and they just didn't grasp the concept of not being able to multi-task with the little box

    Oh - and I hate the new chipmunks movies

  3. OMG! I was so confused! I thought you met Heart the 70/80's rock band...You know

    and I was trying to think where they sang you spin me round and the Dead or AL=live song was in my confused!
    Oh and last week, the Hubs and I went to a vinyl record store!

  4. I love it! I would not have thought of the chipmunks. Good one!

  5. lol - that is too funny. I actually needed to click on the Heart link - at first I thought you were listening to the sister duo Heart. Then you skipped to Dead or Alive, and I was way confused. :)

  6. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Thanks! I had to explain to my nephews what I did for fun before the Internet. And that it wasn't until I was in college were cell phones ubiquitous.

  7. Like a wrecker! Brilliant. Mind you, I sing some incredibly dodgy lyrics myself. I'm STILL not sure what the words are in that Desmond Dekker track about 'm'ears are alight'. *shrugs* who cares - as long as yer singing, that's all that matters!


  8. Ah, the lovely androgynous 80's. Good times.

  9. The sad thing is, I have all of Mum's old Queen records, and I would LOVE to listen to them... but no record player. No spinning here :(

  10. You are such a cool Auntie!:)


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