Monday, 20 June 2011

Misery, Thy Name is Sebastian

So DH kindly went and picked up the rest of the stuff I needed for the dog from the vet - including the medicated shampoo for the yeast skin infection. That's where his helpfulness ended, however, as he said he didn't want to get wet.

From our one previous experience of bathing the dog, it needed DH, me and three children to hold and wash him on the patio, with everyone getting soaked through in the process. With just me and two kids, there was no way we would be able to hold Sebastian in one place.

DH objected to me putting Sebastian in the bathtub, as he might scratch it. So Mini Diva and I used a mix of coercion, and bribery with his favorite treats, to allow me to manhandle the poor animal into the shower. Once in, he was relatively easy to keep there as it's a corner shower with one door, and the only way out was past me. Plenty of warm water and bubbles later, he was clean and smelling faintly clinical, rather than the overwhelmingly 'doggy' smell that is apparently a typical symptom of a yeasty skin infection. His coat also feels much nicer to the touch, not greasy and sticky.

The dog got washed, and the only other person who got soaked was me. Another plus is that we have extended our knowledge of Sebastian's temperament: if he was going to bite when stressed, this would have been one of those occasions.


  1. Mine loves the hose in the garden! We make it a game. Will tag you in the photo so you can see it :)

  2. oh the poor thing! A yeast infection? Are you telling me that your dog has thrush?!

    On a less horrifying note - he's obviously a well-tempered creature if he didn't eat you alive in the shower.

    BTW - getting into a swimsuit is quite a good way to handle the dog in the shower. That's YOU in the swimsuit, not teh dawgie.

    Ali x

  3. DH sounds like quite a wise fellow - prefering to stay in the good graces of the dog rather than the WWW*. Surely a recipe for a happy marriage?
    *WWW= Wonderful Wet Wife

  4. Oh, doggie woes continue. Let's hope this bath helps fix the problem. How many times per week will you need to go through this dog-in-the-shower activity? :)

  5. Poor Sebastian. I hope the yeast infection goes away soon.

  6. Could you please tell me which tarot deck is this card from? It's beautiful.

  7. Yes: it's from Luis Royo's amazing Labyrinth Tarot :-)


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