Wednesday, 1 February 2012

FO Fri ....No, Wednesday ,,,,,

So while I sit here anticipating the builder's visit, I thought I'd share a couple of FOs with you; yes, I know it's not Friday yet (I already have something in mind to blog about for then) but it is Imbolc/Candlemas, for the traditionalists amongst us, and it shows my intent to continue finishing and completing things.

First is the little sweater for my youngest nephew's 2nd birthday later this month (I blogged about it a while back, here). This has been my second go at intarsia - and I don't think there will be a third; for me, the results don't warrant the hassles. I had ripped it back once, as I wasn't happy with it: whatever I did, the stitches where the color changed just didn't seem to 'sit' right.

The yarn (James C.Brett Kool Kotton) itself was fine to knit with; perhaps a little lacking in elasticity considering it is 50% cotton, 50% acrylic - but I wouldn't shy from using it again in a project; and it is very good value with a decent color range.

And secondly I whizzed through a Lady Bertram Shawlette (also blogged about, here) for my friend Haylie's fundraiser; I say whizzed - I actually recorded how long it took to make, and it turns out it was about 19 hours (I am not a fast knitter, but also I am not slow). I did knit 2 extra chart repeats as I had plenty of yarn left and wanted a bigger shawl. At minimum wage, this would cost £115 (approx. $181) plus £7.25 ($11.43) for the yarn ...

Look at my mad blocking skillz; it is not straight on purpose, I tell you ....

The yarn (Jawoll Magic in the colorway 'Butterfly'') was fabulous: easy to knit with, soft, beautiful graduated color changes, and a lovely halo effect.

and now in the sunshine .....the Omen-esque shadows are also artfully on purpose ...


  1. Intarsia? I thought that was a muscle that David Beckham kept ripping. I live and learn.

    Little sweater looks lovely. I demand an adult version :-)

    And I've told you before about this shawl, you've knat a thing of great beauty for a very good cause.

    Ali x

  2. I adore the shawl! Perfect workmanship really, from the choice of yarn to the flawless blocking. Good to get in touch with you again.

  3. The shawl is fantastic! I love the colors out in the sun.

  4. I think the intarsia looks really good! Much better than I could do anyway.


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