Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pray, Love, Remember

'' There's rosemary for remembrance; pray, love, remember.
And there's pansies; that's for thoughts.''

                            Hamlet, IV.5.

Today my mother would have been 75 years old. The similarities between our personalities were far less obvious than the differences, but just as strong. Taken at my cousin Linda's wedding ... umm ... about 22 years ago, the photo below quite clearly shows the difference; I believe I may have mentioned before the challenge to me that is 'subtlety'.

One of my favorite photos of her is this one:

She is still very much missed.


  1. Nice post. I lost my mother almost 26 years ago when she was only 49. I still miss her. Thank you for the rosemary and pansies pray, love, remember.

  2. My relatives are wont to say: "You're just like your Dad" - And not always to flatter? But aspiration / admiration are not always in vain? LOL. I embrace (a modicum) of my Mum's "craziness" too, these days... :D


  3. I hope you still have that dress....

    You resemble your Mom I think. She looks so beautiful on the sailboat!


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