Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Triumph of Hope Over Experience

Mini Diva's birthday is next week - so I thought I'd make her a cushion to go on her bed. Clever Ania made me a machine-embroidered monogram and a lilac fairy to either patchwork or - more likely - applique. I have an idea in my head, of hearts, in different colors, layered and what we here in the east call 'on the huh'.

However. That sounds all fine and dandy, but - as ever - the issue will be converting this idea into something that does not look completely like the dog's breakfast ... always a challenge. So I will centre myself, breathe deeply an 'Om', remind myself that I really should have at least one virtue - and Patience is as good as any - then embark on this stitching adventure with a cheerful and happy outlook ...

And Destructo Boy is home sick with flu, so I can't shouldn't mustn't swear need to remember to close the door properly and firmly.

So now I am off to find some heart-shaped templates ..... 


  1. This will be lovely - can't wait to see the finished article!

    And don't worry about the swearing, it won't scar him for life :-)

    Ali x

  2. Will you post the finished article? It sounds very good.

    You're really quite gifted Ribbit.


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