Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WIP Wednesday 116: Black and Blue

Tarot of the World Spirit

So Bloody Vlad has been washed, blocked and dried ready for the big reveal on Friday; and just before I started ripping my eyelashes out one by one from sheer boredom, my friend Dianne alerted me that  Emily Ross aka knitterain was looking for test knitters for a new shawl she's designed.

I moseyed around some and discovered that she is the designer of some other shawls that I have admired from afar: mainly Haruni, and Romanesque, which has been in my queue for some while now.

So I leaped at the chance to test knit her new design; I had intended using my lovely purple Artesano, but I think it would have run a little short. Fortunately, I had this in my stash:

 100 grams, 420 metres/459 yards of slightly rough, slightly fuzzy 4ply sock yarn in a bluey-black colorway (apparently called 'Denim'): Rico Superba 'Poems'. It can be a little tricky to tink back - especially the dark and/or black parts, at night, when it's a complete row of nearly 300 stitches. You don't have to ask me how I know, you have already worked out how I know, haven't you ?


In between Mini Diva's Victorian Sharing Day (I never knew Tiddlywinks was such a difficult game) and Destructo Boy's Savannah Sharing Day (learning to play djembe drums and drawing a jungly lion), I have reached Row 11 of Chart D. I have 14 grams, 10 rows and an I-cord bind off to go. I can feel my comfort zone imploding at the mere thought of this I-cord bind off, so like any good ostrich I am pretending it doesn't exist until I actually arrive at it.

Of course, since I'm using straight needles it looks like a mushy lump of inky bruises right now; but I am rather chuffed with the photo.

Pop on over to Tami's Amis for more yarny loveliness ....


  1. Oh that looks great! The colors are lovely.

  2. This looks EPIC. AS usual. Akshully, it's not knitting how I imagined it would when I looked at the ball. I didn't see the pale sections. You're too bloody clever by far. :-D

    Ali x

  3. Oooh, pretty! I have a hard time knitting with the slightly rough stuff, unfortunately. Makes my hands itch like crazy the entire time!

  4. I didn't expect that yarn to knit up the way it seems to be. I love the combination of black and blue together. I think this is going to look great.

  5. The photos are great. I love the way the shawl is coming out, it's very dramatic. By the way my other half plays a djembe, they make an amazing noise. It's so amazing he plays downstairs in the passageway between the house and the garage so he doesn't annoy the neighbours! I have heard that the noise made by his group when they play in the church hall is astounding.

  6. I am liking how that shawl is working up. That colorway is very intriguing.

  7. Oh I've been admiring Haruni for sometime, so I can't wait to see the new design!
    I totally suck at Tiddlywinks - nothing like a children's game to make me feel completely incompetent.
    As for the iCord bind-off ... head in the sand until you have to face it :) It's not that bad once you get on a roll, although it does take a TON of yarn.


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