Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WIP Wednesday 117: Squares & Rectangles

Halloween Tarot

Having completed the test knit of the Arlington Shawl for Emily Ross aka knitterain (pics up here on Friday), as usual I wanted to cast on for something new immediately: I'm not too good at letting the grass grow under my feet at the best of times.

I'm in a shawl mood, so did a quick straw poll amongst Twitter knitters and my Facebook friends, between Romanesque and Sabrina: Sabrina won.

I am pretty sure it will look marvellous with the electric blue Wollemeise I liberated from Mags, which has very generous yardage just right for this pattern; I have printed out the chart and instructions, I have the necessary size of needles.

However, I seem to have accidentally succumbed instead to the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket from Lucy at Attic24.

No, I didn't buy any new yarn for these, nuh-uh, no way, nope, not even.

Well ... OK. 

Maybe just the two greens, and the peach and russet combo that I so love. But they were cheap, I promise, and everything else is leftovers. Really.

I will have to put them down next week when half-term is over and the kids have gone back to school, as I have been sent two more tarot decks to review:

The first is the Sirian Starseed Tarot kindly sent by Kat Engh at North Atlantic Books; and the second has also been kindly sent by the editor of the TABI Ezine, and is supposed to be the premier edition of Kay Steventon's Spiral Tarot, although there is nothing on the external packaging that differentiates this from the original deck & book set, which I have owned and worked with for quite some years now. I am keenly anticipating ripping away gently peeling the clingwrap from them both, I can tell you !

As usual on Wednesdays, pop on over to Tami's Amis to see what everyone else is working on ...


  1. Wow, you're working fast! I think the Sabrina will look fabulous in the blue and I really wish your granny squares would stop calling out to me. I don't want to crochet!!

  2. Damn - the mac not letting me see your images, so will just have to assume that Sabrina is GORGEOUS adn that the blanket is STUNNING. They most probably are because you don't knit anything less than GORGEOUS :-)

    Ali x

    1. Those squares are great! And doesn't mamarose know: everyone wants to crochet? :)

  3. Lover your Granny Flowers. :-) I want to crochet!

  4. Your grannies are lovely colors!


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