Friday, 5 October 2012

FO Friday 107: Just Say No

Inner Child Cards

I can't say 'no', apparently, when it comes to making these granny square cushions - they're totally addictive; so much so that I made a further two this week.

Firstly, for Mini Diva - she prefers the pink & red side vs. the purple & pink side; I just like that it perfectly fits the duck feather cushion pad:

And this one - the color of which is the subject of my last blog post - is for my youngest niece, who has a purple-themed bedroom:

I was rattling away, and did 16 rounds (I thought) exactly as I did for Mini Diva's cushion - and the result just shows that me and Gauge are just SO not friends. It seems we're not even mere acquaintances: it's too large for the duck feather cushion pad, and even generous on the 18'' man-made one.

But now I really must try to say no to any more cushions for the time being, as yarn has arrived for me to complete Auntie Fashion's Blankey. And the habit these granny square cushions have of proliferating reminds me of the famous 'Trouble with Tribbles' ...

I doubt you'll see any Tribbles over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. They are lovely. No wonder you're addicted. :-)

  2. Well done you! And who needs guage?! Heck, I can't even SPELL it! GAUGE looks even wronger :-D

  3. The cushions are beautiful! I can see why you're addicted:)

  4. I'm telling you, it's all over when you start equating granny square cushion covers with drugs. All.Over.I.Tell.You. :)

    I like them both, and I think I'm with Mini-Diva on the color preference.

  5. my guage never turns out right..who cares!

  6. Ha, there are definitely worse addictions to have! And at least these "tribbles" will make good Christmas gifts ;)


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