Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WIP Wednesday 113: Purple Passion

Victorian Romantic Tarot

Now you have to work out whether it's a passion for the color purple, or a passion for those blimmin' addictive Granny Square Cushions or maybe even both - as I show you Cushion Number 3 in progress:

'Course, it's not my passion for purple - I am still afflicted by my Mother's opinion that purple is a color for adolescents, in the same manner that Tchaikovsky is music for emotionally immature people. Although I happily grow both gladioli and dahlias, which she thought were vulgar. I wonder if they come in purple ?

Oh, look:

available from Van Meuwen

                                                        available from

Hopefully there will be less color-ful philosophy over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. I love purple. And dahlias. And little crocheted cushion covers! You're doing GREAT!! Is DD still helping?

  2. I love that your mother had such strong opinions on color. It looks lovely!

  3. Purple is NOT just for adolescents - it is for schizophrenic people who can't decide if they prefer red or blue...and ex-Goths who don't just wear black any more... like, er, me. And Tchaikovsky isn't just the Sugar Plum Fairy, he has his moments.

    1. The link isn't to the Sugar Plum Fairy ;-)

  4. The cushion is lovely. I like purple and never really assigned an age to color preference. The purple flowers are gorgeous and I think you should plant both:)

  5. Your mother certainly seems to know her mind :) Purple is one of my favourite colours, and so are dahlias one of my favourite flowers. I guess I'm adolescent and vulgar too :)

  6. Your mother may have known her own mind, but not much about the history of the color purple. Er ... well ... since purple used to be reserved only for royalty or those who could afford it (the source of the dye was the issue way back in the Way Back machine) ... maybe she was on to something. :)

    Either way, love, love, love that latest cushion cover. You've officially got the crochet, granny square bug. I'm smiling from ear to ear.

  7. Last week a friend told me about her love for purple. Years ago when she was a teenager, a teacher had told her that she would grow out of this love. She still loves purple. Why shouldn't she? Why shoulnd't you?

  8. I love Tchaikovsky, and purple and granny squares, so i think you must be on to something.

  9. Beautiful flowers! I love growing them too!

  10. I'm finding myself very into purple recently...but my development is pretty arrested, so that doesn't say much!

  11. Those flowers are stunning! I'm not a huge fan of purple, not that I dislike it, just that it's not a favourite. But those flowers definitely sell me on it :)


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