Friday, 27 September 2013

FO Friday 156: Grumps

Tarot of the Magical Forest

Between my ISP and Blogger, I shall have pulled out all my hair strand by painful strand before I manage to complete this post. Yes, I am feeling grumpy, how did you guess ?

I had been feeling as if I was trudging through treacle recently, as I seemed to be doing lots of knitting, but not finishing anything. The sweater for Titch ie. DH is on a hiatus while I sulk about not having enough yarn to complete a pullover for a giant ogre and I sulk about him being an ogre. Then I shall sulk some more, as I completed Destructo Boy's school cardigan this week, the second one this year as the first was too small despite my squeezing him in my anaconda coils, only for him to tell me it was too big and puffy. Grump.



 It does look a lot better now that it has been washed (after this photo) but the photo of the apres-wash cardigan was way more rubbish than this one. Grumpety grumble. It is Sirdar 2363, in Supersoft Aran: I modified it by adding the pockets, clever me - that way I have somewhere to put the bricks with which I shall weight him down before hurling him from the bridge. Grump.

 And then this morning I finished my Infidelity project. It looks like a dish-rag as it is not yet blocked:


I love Malabrigo Lace Yarn - so soft ! so squooshy ! - but it is the skein that never ends. I did lots of repeats of various parts of the pattern, AND a picot bind-off, and I still have 5 or 7 grams left. Grump.

 So it is just as well for the bodily safety all in my near vicinity that the postman showed up with this:

Jamieson & Smith 2ply Laceweight sent by my lovely MIL from her recent visit to Shetland. Such fabulous depth of color, and these skeins contrast so brilliantly, don't they ? I say nothing about the texture as yet, I'm trying to improve myself and make less snap judgments. Grump.

Yes, I do have a plan in mind for them, as it goes, just it won't be happening right this minute as another plan has swept in like a tsunami. Oh yes, I am spontaneity personified. But you already knew that ....

While I spend the next hours or so blocking my Infidelity project and drinking Ceylon tea because I have run out of Assam - grump - why not go see what's happening over at Tami's Amis ?


  1. Wonders will never cease - the images all loaded for me today. If sonshine complained about anything that I'd knat him, he would end up using it as a suppository. Fortunately for him, I have never knat him anything. I addition of pockets to DS's cardie is JENYUS. No flinging him off bridges until at least puberty :-D

    The new wool, erm, yarn looks fab - wonderful colours too. Can't wait to see what you create from it!

    Ali x

  2. Love those colours (surprise surprise) and I think the school cardi looks great on your mini ogre :)

  3. Hopefully those amazing makes make you feel less grumpy! Congratulations :) xx

  4. Perhaps you might whip out a tiny soft wascloth? One size fits all!!!
    Your projects look great to me and suprise yarn! wheee!!!

  5. Well You've been working away. That's for sure. Being from Michigan I absolutely love the cardigan. It looks very warm and cozy. Very nice.

  6. I think I'll have to add a bit of gratitude powder to the kid-shrink formula, eh? The cardi is great. Off to take a memory course, I just can't recollect ever posing for that tarot card!

  7. I'm sorry about the grumps. I hope that blocking made it better! Blocking lace always amuses me.


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