Wednesday, 18 September 2013

WIP Wednesday 162: False Economies

Well, there's absolutely no need for you to kick my butt and shout ''I told you so!'' at me, thanks - I've been doing it for myself.

This is this year's school cardigan I made from a vintage pattern for Destructo Boy. It's cute. It came out right - even the pockets. I even got the pain in the bum sewed-on miles-long neckband to work. The key to my self-flagellation and current whinge and woe is in the 3rd sentence from the end.

Destructo Boy wore the cardigan yesterday as he has already managed to misplace his school sweatshirt. It is a snug fit. It is too snug of a fit, even when I squeeze him tight like a boa constrictor, and stretch the cardigan like two crocodiles eating the same gnu. Yes, he IS learning about similes in school this week, how did you know ?

Anyway. It has been gifted to his BFF, and I spent hours online yesterday comparison shopping for yarn for a replacement. This time it is Aran-weight, for speed of knitting, and I invested in a new pattern too. I went to one of my usual bargain haunts, to find that the postage would absorb any savings made on the discounted yarn; for the same amount of money elsewhere online solely on yarn/pattern, I could  get free postage. 

Bit of a no brainer, even for me: £10/$16 of yarn plus £5/$8 p&p, or £15/$24 of yarn with free p&p. And both of these were less expensive than buying what I wanted/needed from one of the LYSs, which was over £1.15/$1.85 per ball more expensive. There isn't even much of a delay in starting the project - the yarn ordered yesterday arrives in the post today.

So the Old Man Cardigan and the Infidelity Knitting is shoved to one side as I race to knit Destructo Boy a new cardigan before he loses another school sweatshirt ....

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  1. I hope his friend appreciated the hand-knat wonderment of your skillz. I am currently trying to persuade Sonshine that a sleeveless sweater is the height of coolness. He's not buying it. Although I think he looks uber cool in it. Mainly because I want to knit him something and can't be fagged with a project with sleeves :-D

    1. Knit him a scarf and hat. He can't grow out of those :)

  2. It's worth swatching unless you enjoy doing thing repeatedly :)

  3. Oh no! The cardigan is perfect! How dare he grow. I hope his friend loves it.
    Good luck with the new cardigan. You might want to make it a bit big:)

  4. All the speed-knitting is a little much over there. :)

  5. You inspire the mad scientist in me! I'm off to the lab to invent Kid-Shrink "The Knitting Mother's Best Friend"


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