Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WIP Wednesday 161: A Bit on the Side

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I know you will rejoice almost as much as I did, when you hear that I skipped merrily out of the dentist's a mere 10 minutes or so after entering full of gloom and doom.

No, the appointment wasn't cancelled; but instead of the needles and drills I had been dreading, there was a gentle scraping, a refill, and some kind of mini-hairdryer type thing to set the filling stuff.

I couldn't believe my luck, let me tell you. It even made all the jokes that were made about my wussiness endurable.

I decided I would treat myself to some yarn, blow the expense, as I had been such a good, brave girl, and not one tear had actually escaped either eye. Unfortunately, the newish posh local yarn shop is apparently shut on Mondays, and has some seemingly random other opening hours.

That meant I was forced instead to buy buttons from the tiny new buttons and beads shop:

It is such a tiny and specialized shop I am not sure how long it will last, so I thought I'd better get a few for just in case, and put them away somewhere safe - at some point no doubt I will make things that they go with.

I am afraid I have rather been cheating on my poor old DH - I have been knitting Something Else rather than his Old Man Cardigan .... I do not know how will take such a huge betrayal.

But I have now completed the right front, including pocket; and last night began the left front. There is no picture of the Other Project, as that would constitute proof of my infidelity  ....

Go and see purer works over at Tami's Amis .....


  1. Cool buttons - I luffs a nice button :)

  2. These are really nice buttons, Viv. Maybe they're doing business on line too? That might keep them afloat. Giz the name of the shop and we can google for them :-)

    Ali x

    PS - luffly knitting :-D

  3. My LYS keeps odd hours too, I expect they open when they can if there is only one person to 'man' the shop. I would love to have a button shop that sold buttons like that they are lovely.

  4. Glad the dentist went well Vivianne :).

  5. YAY for going to the dentist!! Normally I treat myself to lunch out after the doctor or dentist but I think yarn or buttons is a much better way to go. The buttons are lovely.

  6. Lovely buttons. I HATE going to the dentist and start dreading it at least a week before my appointment. Way to go for being strong!

  7. Oooh, love the colour of the new project! And congrats on being incredibly brave, you definitely deserve those buttons :)


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