Monday, 9 September 2013

High Noon

Fenestra Tarot

I am not here.

No, I'm not a figment of your overactive imagination; this post is scheduled.

I am at the dentist. 

My dentist is nothing like the one below, but the one below is the archetype taprooted into my brain like a particularly malevolent dandelion.

I am fully prepared for any aftermath: I am stocked up with ibuprofen, paracetamol and gin.

Think of me kindly when I'm gone.


  1. I'm definitely thinking of you. That's the same dentist archetype I have as well (and mine's nothing like it either). Hope it goes ok. (It will be fine!) xx

  2. Hey, this is gonna be a snap! The universe owes you for letting you run out of yarn on the baby sweater, remember? It's time to call that chit in!

  3. Good for you being so brave:) I hope everything went well and that you'll use the gin to toast your dentist not just drown out the pain.


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