Friday, 25 April 2014

FO Friday 175: It Ain't Easy ....

Victorian Flower Oracle

Well, all bar a few tiny grams of the Abstract Cat BFL Lace in 'Spring Greens' that Auntie Fashion gave me for my birthday is gone. But we have two nice crescent shawls to show for it; firstly, the SusannaIC Spring Fling MKAL, the actual name of the pattern is 'Fialka':

 There are seriously hundreds of beads, but you cannot see even one. Neither does the sunny day help in making the picture truly representative of the marvellous combination of blue- and lime- greens in this yarn.

And then, because I thought I would have enough yarn, a little crescent with the leftovers, 'Promise Me' from Boo Knits. I learned my lesson, and didn't bother with beads on this one:

I'm not 100% sure about the Boo Knits patterns - they look fabulous, in other people's projects. Mine ? Not so much. The lace looks like lots of holes, I find it difficult to see the pattern. But they are very light, delicate and airy looking shawls; ethereal might be the educated word to use.

Pop over to Tami's Amis to see more seasonal works ....


  1. I think both of these look wonderful. I'm not sure what you expected your Boo Knits to turn out like, but as a muggle, I think it's really lovely :-D


  2. Wow! These are amazing! You are so talented :-)

  3. I think the same about the Boo Knits shawls. Some of the projects look lovely, and then some are just holes. I am thinking maybe going down a needle size might help, but maybe not. The Fialka is gorgeous! I am doing her Quilla for my niece for her wedding. Love Susanna's patterns.

  4. I think you are very talented. I tried to reach your email for a birthday tarot reading for a friend and it was returned. I am in the US so not sure why.

  5. I do love the Fialka. It's definitely in my queue, though I may be all shawled-out for a while after I've finished Dreambird, as that will have been my third or fourth in a row :)

  6. Gorgeous green Goddess garments! The Fialka is so beautiful without being able to see the beads, it must be stunning in person.


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