Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Made It !

Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

  Well, we made it through the Fire Swamp Easter holidays - lots of sleepovers, bright but cold weather, and I still have the cold that Mini Diva gave me, which seems to be hanging on forever - and today Destructo Boy went back to school dressed in colorful shorts, a T-shirt and a warm jacket for 'Beachwear Day'. It is somehow connected to this term's Topic, the World Cup, and Brazil; as is their visit to the cinema on Thursday during class-time to see Rio 2. We are sure that this has some kind of educational benefit, aren't we ?

Mini Diva, on the other hand, sits her SATs next month, and the revision pressure seems to be on - they don't appear to be learning anything new, just re-doing lots of old stuff. Of course, this emphasis would have nothing to do with the school being in Special Measures, about to convert to Academy status, and desperate to improve its standing .... I need to just take a deep breath and get her through this final term of primary school without her totally stressing out. Yes, she is only 11 years old. So wrong ....

On a more cheerful note, I managed to finish the Deadline Item by the Deadline - my youngest niece's 18th birthday. She had requested a blankey, so a blankey is what she got:

You may possibly recognize that this used to be the WIP formerly known as the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket:

At a very early stage

 Except I got bored with the granny squares, and time was racing on, so I made strips of the squares, added a couple of rounds of treble stitch round each strip, and then joined the strips together before adding a great big couple of border rounds around the whole thing. I forgot to count how many squares ended up being involved ....

Now, on this grey and damp morning, with my second optimistic wash of the day in the machine, I feel the overwhelming impulse for a lil nap to recoup my energies. It has nothing to do with the fact that I just inhaled the last bit of Mini Diva's homemade red velvet cake, nothing at all ....


  1. Well done on getting your project completed AND creating an amazing quilt! *high fives Viv*

    Ali x

  2. Gorgeous. Is it cotton or yarn? Very talented.

  3. Beautiful blanket, lucky neice! I love your use of the greens to accent the border and center. Very striking.


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