Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Patience is a Virtue

Unfortunately, not one that I possess in any significant quantity. When I've thought of something - or, even worse, decided on something - I want it NOW. Not tomorrow or a couple of days time, but instantly. The current postal strikes are testing my limits - having ordered the fragrance oils I wanted, they were despatched yesterday, but really I have no idea when I'll get them.

I think when I was younger, my impatience wasn't such an issue, as I pretty much only had myself to please. If I wanted to do something, I got up and did it. Having a husband ought to affect that. Having children does affect that totally. Everything depends on their schedule, and has to fit in with their schedule, or else the world as we know it will end.

This week, the schedule is light, as it's half-term. We have a dental checkup this afternoon, friends coming to play tomorrow, my sister visiting on Thursday and taking my DD away with her on Friday for the weekend. However, I am finding that I still need patience - because I can't get on with some of the things I want to get on with, as the kids insist on trivial things like meals and clean clothes; and also, patience because DS is being Demonspawn this week. We're not quite at the stage where we need Supernanny or Nanny 911 (in fact, we already use many of their methods) but it feels like it's getting close .....

In spite of the offspring, I managed to complete
the pink baby cardigan referred to here. It's the second time I've knitted this pattern - the first time was for my Auntie Celeste's Texan grandbaby, but I picked a pretty yarn that didn't show the pattern detail.

And thanks to some help from my fellow Ravellers, the baby hoodie is going fine too - in attaching to the neckline, I needed to work some increases, but picked the wrong increase. Now I have learned to do the KFB (knit front and back) increase - yaaaay, me.

In other news, I seem to be being sucked back into the teaching side of TABI. They are short on teachers right now, and I seem to have time to spare. I only have time to spare because housework is so low on my list of priorities - life is far too short to waste on something so repetitively futile. In fact, I would recommend children and pets as THE way to illustrate the absolute pointlessness of housework - with monotonous regularity, no sooner has the floor been mopped (sometimes it hasn't even dried completely) than either the dog has left a trail of pawprints, or, more likely, DS has spilled his juice ....again. Or I vacuum, only for DD to decide that she simply must make something that uses glitter .....and then she sneezes. I think you take my point. Besides, aren't dust bunnies a lifeform ?


  1. LOL. I totally agree about the housework :D

  2. If God was a woman, there'd be no housework and kitchen appliances would be designed to be able to be cleaned ....


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