Thursday, 10 February 2011

There's No Such Thing

as coincidence. Yesterday was my mother's birthday - she would have been 74, if she hadn't died almost 10 years ago. And she would have been hating it with a vengeance - she had already been resenting how age was making her body gradually give up on her.

I didn't get married for the second time until after her death, and didn't have children til then either - which had an emotional effect on me that I wasn't expecting at all.

I still find I miss her; I still occasionally see or hear something that makes me think, ''oh, I must just call Mum and tell her''. And then I feel really stupid. But I have also found that when I have had her on my mind more frequently or intensely than usual, I will hear something that I absolutely know is her letting me know she is here.

Last night, after I put out her candle and was going upstairs to bed, on Mini Diva's radio was playing this, totally appropriate. But what I usually hear - and have heard on the radio as I am writing this post - is this:

And I quite often will also hear consequently, this:


  1. Elizabethan Serenade reminds me of my childhood: it was the first piece of music I fell in love with.

    As for coincidence, well this is your blog and not mine and your experiences and not mine either, but I can't help but say 'know where you're coming from.' (Even tho I think this is a phrase that should have been throttled at birth :-) )

  2. Oh, I do like Elvira Madigan - keep trying to learn to play it but I'm rubbish at reading music (and not much cop at playing it either) :D
    May have to go and have a quick tinkle (on the ivories, not in the ceramic) now :D

  3. I can't play anything beautiful like this and I envy people who can play the piano properly. If I could play properly I'd play every day. Hell, I can't play properly and I play every day.

    Happy Birthday to your mum...belated. Is that a good enough excuse for me to have a whisky and ginger ale before midday then?


  4. What a timely post. My best regards to you and the memory of your mother. This week my mother's been diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer and I'm in shock. It's good to hear from someone else who's been through something like this--especially through our knitting-blog circuit.

  5. I don't know you, Ribbitcat, but was touched by your reference to your mother.

    I feel the same. Mine died almost 2o years ago but a thought brings her immediately close.

    All the best,

    Crescent (from the TABI forum)


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