Monday 4 July 2011

Grumpety Grumpy Grump

So I spent some of today pretty much like this guy looks: grumpy. Grumpy with my bank - which I part own, along with the rest of the British population; and of which I have been a customer for over 25 years: I shall be closing my account with them as soon as I can gather enough ID together to open an account with a different bank.

Grumpy with my knitting: I have finished Uber-Cool Brother's scarf, spent an enjoyable time-sucking while surfing Ravelry looking for my next project; found it, then ran out of ink so I couldn't print it, and therefore couldn't start it. I have other things I want to do, but this was the one I wanted to do right now this minute. Of course.

Grumpy with the garden hose nozzle which is leaking like Henry's bucket.

Grumpy with the state of the planet, the economy, people in general.

I think the only thing I'm not grumpy with right now is the hot, sunny weather.


  1. Oh dear Viv!! Sorry to hear you're grumpy! I hope you have a much better day tomorrow! *sending virtual hugs*

  2. I have a t-shirt with Mr Grumpy on it, think it says 'My Boyfriend Is Mr Grumpy' and it is soooo true :D

    But yes, hope Tuesday is better :)

  3. Chin up! Tuesday will be better. That shawl is lovely, and I don't blame you for being grumpy. I would want to start on it ASAP as well.

  4. The state of the planet does tend to make one grumpy. But....ugh I've got nothing, I think I'm grumpy too. Grumps unite!

  5. Stuff the bank, trash the printer, burn the hose and sod the planet ;)

  6. *BIG HUG* Bah, everything! If I were you I'd be grumpy too!

  7. I'd trash the printer too! But at least you've got us to grumpity grump to. :)

  8. Umm, hot sunny weather set to get rainy :(
    If you're changing banks though - avoid Santander like the plague, they're rubbish, and bank with smile, they're great.


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