Wednesday 5 October 2011

WIP Wednesday 61: What Was ....

..... I thinking ? I'm involved in a curtain-washing frenzy today, as they say it is the last warmish, dry - and very breezy - day before Cowboy Autumn defeats Indian Summer and takes over. Having previously bleached and washed (the aroma of Shed is not one that excites me) some pretty but old green & white curtains I'd been given, I picked today to put them up in our sunny back living room. Only to find that although they looked the right length, in fact they are too short. Of course.

Cue juggling which curtains go where; and - natch - they all have different hooks and fittings. But I think I finally have it sorted: the warm tawny-orange curtains in the south-facing back living room; the Delft-like cotton ones in the north-facing front room; the pretty green & white ones in Destructo Boy's bedroom - the only window that they fit.

So with only Destructo Boy's curtains left to put up, I'm taking an unusually well-earned break for lunch, and to blog, before taking Sebastian to the park ...

This is where the Seekret Projekt has got to, about 70% complete, I reckon: not an awful lot of yarn left, and I'm getting increasingly paranoid about not having enough to do the picot edge bind-off.

I was finding the 281 stitch rows kind of wearisome, so I also started another scarf for yet another BIL (my DH is the middle of 7 children) whose birthday approaches; it's in RYC Classic Silk Wool DK in the lovely colorway 'Bramble', which I had bought absolutely ages ago with this particular BIL in mind:

And - as if I needed more excitement after our trip to A&E at the weekend - I took some trousers off the washing line last evening to bring them in, and was rather perplexed to find them buzzing loudly. I gave them a robust shake, and out flew this:

About 2 inches or so of hornet. I grabbed the fly/wasp killer and sprayed it for all I was worth .... falling over the sofa in my haste to retreat without losing sight of it. I popped it in a plastic tub with a lid, where it continued to twitch for about another 24 hours .... which made me feel cruel and barbaric, but also showed what will be keeping the cockroaches company when the world ends.

Go and see some lovely projects on the go over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. Wasps are nasty business. They are flying around crazy here knowing that summer is coming to an end.
    Everything looks wonderful!

  2. Ugh, that hornet incident sounds horrible!

    I know what you mean about getting tired of long rows, I'm exactly the same with one of my projects. Hope you have enough yarn though!

  3. I like the purple colour of that seekrit thing!

  4. I love the purple of the seekrit thing. Your scarf looks great.

    Glad you found that hornet before someone stuck their leg in there. I had a wasp get stuck in my hair once. Not a pretty story.

  5. I like the stitch pattern on the scarf.

  6. When I've got a long row project that doesn't require any stitch markers - I pick some that will give me a smile when I see them, and randomly pop a few in anyway. I swap them out for others every dozen rows or so. I also feel it breaks the long row into smaller sections that give me a sense of accomplishment for each section instead of a that feeling of anxiety wondering if the row will ever end!

  7. Digging the bramble scarf!


  8. EWWWW bugs!

    I love the scarf! Great pattern!

  9. The secret project looks very intriguing, even more so because I seriously admire that purple yarn.

    Your BIL's scarf is coming along beautifully, too.

  10. I am still trying to determine what your SP is, it is a lovely purple though :) though that is alot of rows..

    I love the scarf so far, Bramble!!! :D I love brambles!

  11. I know at least one man that will be right up there with the farking cock-roaches.

    well done on the curtains. I keep mine up for years without washing them. I am such a slut.

    SP looks intriguing!!! When will we find out more about it?!

    Hoping DS's arm is doing well :-)

    Ali x

  12. I'm a big softie that can't even squish a spider and I support a cruel death to a wasp. They are born mean!

  13. Wow - I would have freaked out!!! Scarf is looking great - I love the color!


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