Friday 12 July 2013

FO Friday 146: Not a Lot

Housewives Tarot

Well, this is an appropriate card for today: not only have I spent much of my time this week cleaning, I have also done a fair bit of organizing.

But that was after I gazed with enjoyment on the blooms of Sweet Magic and Sweet Dream: two lovely scented patio roses which are doing really well this year:

Follow my example and ignore the dandelion leaves. The white flowers in between the roses above is some form of clove pink or carnation, I forget which; also scented, they seem to be thriving too. Roses are both Destructo Boy's and my favorite flowers.

My newest rose is 'Absent Friends' a double peach floribunda - or whatever it is they call floribundas these days that I have of course forgotten; this too is sweetly scented - what's the point in growing a rose without a rose smell ? - as is the white true valerian ie. Valeriana officinalis not Centranthus ruber, that is lying down on the job in the middle of the bush.

I know, it looks more yellow than peach right now, but I did actually check the label: let's see how it turns over time. I think it's interesting that valerian root, a natural sedative, has a somewhat unpleasant musky dry smell, but that the flowers are so attractively and strongly fragrant.

Yes, there was a kind of actual FO this week: Wah- Lah !

The above picture shows my tidied, re-organized and sorted stash in my corner. I have invested heavily in wicker and scented drawer sachets. I have shifted my knitting needles to the glass vase the kids gave me for my birthday (or was it Mother's Day ?) as nobody ever gives me cut flowers. Yes, that was a piteous violin in the background. In fact, just for fun you can have some romantic violin played with passion in the foreground too:

I know, I surprise myself too sometimes.

See what else is finished this week over at Tami's Amis.


  1. Your roses are beautiful, and your stash/knitting space looks great organized like you've done!

  2. Very impressed with your reorganised stash corner - so tidy! Was looking forward to seeing a hunka-hunka man playing the violin, so a bit disappointed it was just a still. Oh well, at least the music was beautiful ;)

  3. Love the reorg - but that can't be all your stash????!!!! There's more yarn somewhere, I just know it. :)

  4. Your roses look lovely and your stash corner is awesome! I love the idea of using a vase for needles.


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