Wednesday 21 August 2013

WIP Wednesday 158 : Cats and Dogs

Gaian Tarot

I am feeling just like the woman in this joyful Sun card from the Gaian Tarot: I had the most fabulous weekend away in Kent, meeting the gorgeous Nephew (August 2013 Edition) and attending SIL2's birthday gettogether. The sun shone, everyone was in a good mood, the kids and the dog behaved beautifully, DH and I were put up somewhere self-contained on our own, we didn't have to cook (by we, I mean DH, of course)  ....  it was just superb.

On top of that, all the baby things I'd made were much appreciated and more importantly, ooohed and awed at; SIL2 loved her birthday shawl. And now I am home alone in quiet solitude. Even my checkup at the dentist (only 1 filling needed in 2 weeks' time, in the tooth that had the ache - you can't imagine my relief. Or maybe you can.) and mucking out Destructo Boy's sty to the tune of 4 full big black bags full of rubbish has not affected my mood.

 It has just occurred to me that because I was out walking with DH and Sebastian on the beach or in barley fields ie. The Wild, I didn't even go into any yarn shops. Wow.

Unfortunately I have not managed much knitting or making. I did take my knitting with me - I find it keeps me calm and distracted in the car - intending to get on with the fronts for Destructo Boy's cardigan. I made a start, with the ribbing, and a few rows of pattern - then realized that I had managed to leave behind the pocket linings.

It is obviously not part of the Universe's plan for me to knit this week:

Perhaps everybody else is being more productive over at Tami's Amis .....


  1. I can see the photos - wooooo hooooo! So glad that you had a lovely weekend and that you *ahem* didn't need to cook.

    Could you come up and empty Sonshine's room as I dread to think how many bin bags of toot we could remove from that. He calls it LEGO. I call it toot :-D

    Happy knitting when you get that cat moved!

  2. Sometimes you need to just chill and do nothing.

  3. That cat photo is priceless. :)

  4. It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all and I love the Tarot card!


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