Wednesday 23 October 2013

WIP Wednesday 167: Clearing the Decks

Halloween Tarot

Wow, the week is rolling by fast, isn't it ? The day after tomorrow is the start of half-term, when I can wake in the early hours, hear the roaring wind and staccato stampede of rain, and simply roll over for more sleep. Yes, I am rather looking forward to it.

My major WIP this week is actually Titch aka DH. I finished his Old Man Cardigan ages ago, but he will not put it on for me to take a photo. I have promised to cut off his head - after all, no-one is interested in him, just the cardigan - but no joy so far. I can't use a hanger as I don't have one big enough, and it looks all wrong and ooky, like a 2D chess board on the Enterprise.

how it should be

As ever, I am focussed on the positive, and that is the progress on the Forest Pansy Shawl:

The yarn is definitely not soft. I would not like to say scratchy, exactly. I shall think of an appropriate description, and will hope that fabric conditioner will make it touch-the-skin wearable. Of course, the yarn is from Shetland, and the Scots are a hardy, dour people who wear barbed wire undervests for fun and amusement, and no doubt this yarn would feel as wussy as angora to them. I love angora even though I have none, but I am a gin-swilling shandy-drinking Southern jessie.

 And I have completed Clue 4 in the SusannaIC Autumn Mystery Shawl KAL:

I have no idea how long the KAL is supposed to take, but as long as I finish the Forest Pansy Shawl, I think I will be ready and able to start NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month, 1 sweater or cardigan, 50,000 stitches, 30 days) next week while my authorly friends take part in NaNoWriMo

Look at my lovely custom-made badge, with a martini and color co-ordinated to my blog and everything ! How cool is that ?

Thank you to Ana, who made this.

And now I am off to Tami's Amis to see what everybody else is up to ....


  1. I wanna be a gin-swilling southern jessie too! Although I suppose I am more a run-guzzling northern tramp:)
    Love the look of Forest Pansy!

  2. Would love to see the cardi, hope you can convince DH to pose. Failing that, maybe MD and DB could each take a side and do a Two-Headed-Frumpy-Old-Man pic. Just in time for Hallowe'en, too!


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