Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WIP Wednesday 170: TAAT

Housewives Tarot

I am feeling somewhat ... out of sorts ... right now, so like an over-adventurous snail who has stuck out his eye tentacles too far and got them snipped off by a wicked bird, I shall be winding my neck in sharply and toot sweet, hiding up til the wind changes and there is no risk of a house falling on me.

Luckily, while I am down in the storm cellar, I can occupy myself with the SusannaIC MKAL. This week was Clue 7, which leaves us here:

it's all in the blocking

And having had to rip back my NoKniSweMo sleeeves back to the beginning because I am a dodo and did not read the instructions properly, meant I lost almost 5000 stitches. That meant I sulked, which was a further two days lost, and now here they are, re-done:

Yes, they are TAAT (Two At A Time) because sleeves can get terribly boring. On the other hand, if you make a mistake, you tend to make it twice. Like I just did.

Oh well, there'll be less garbled updates over at Tami's Amis, while I take the kids for their dental checkup ....


  1. You chose a beautiful pink for your sweater, I love it! Take it easy, life will go back to normal as usual :)

  2. You can knit TWO AT A TIME?! *officially BOGGLED*

    Ali x

    PS - it looks great :-D

  3. You only sulked for two days after ripping 5000 stitches? You deserve a gold star.

  4. The sleeves are lovely. Can't wait to see the sweater.

  5. Hope there is improvement re events causing fear of houses falling on heads. That is never positive. It may help if the weather is good so I will wish you warm weather, clear skies and glorious mistake-free knitting.
    That way you will write more and again soon. This keeps my spirits high. THANK YOU!!!!

  6. That shawl is fascinating ... I love how it looks like the same motif, repeated in miniature!

  7. I'm with Spinster Beth - I'm loving that shawl! Gorgeous colour, and a fascinating pattern :)


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