Friday, 6 December 2013

FO Friday 165: Autumn Leaves

Shadowscapes Tarot


It's OK, it's OK - I can't swim, but I didn't need to; fortunately we live halfway up a big hill (yes, East Anglia is flat, just not this bit) and the flooded parts down by the Quay are about 10 minutes' walk away. Hmm. How to define what 'walk' is to my American readers ? 

Too difficult - let's just put it down to 'weird foreign idiosyncrasies', shall we ?

Anyway. You'll be glad to hear the 2 hats are pretty much done, just a bit of primping left and some posing later if I can capture a victim bribe an offspring to stand still long enough. But, still at least one Xmas gift to go; I  have bought what I think I need today, so I'm about to rush off and start that.

In the meanwhile, you may gaze admiringly on the SusannaIC Autumn Mystery Knit-A-Long, for which I had somehow forgotten to post pictures:



You'll remember, of course, that this is the large version without beads, made using the fabulous BFL Lace yarn in the 'Caramello' colorway from Kirsty over at Wharfedale Woolworks - she currently has a sale on, but please leave some for me. I think this shawl definitely looks very autumn-y and leafy-ish because of the combination of pattern and yarn.

When you have finished drooling, you may visit my friend Hestia's blog - which is almost all about me, too ! I know, I know, how much more of my magnificence can you take ? 

Well, go find out.

And after that, there are more pretty things to aaah over at Tami's Amis .....


  1. That shawl is soooo purty :) I can't believe that you can't swim - it's never too late yanno, my Mum learnt in her 60s :)

  2. Learn to swim, young Viv, LEARN TO SWIM!! Only someone who grew up in the 70s in the UK will understand the wee public information film that went with this statement. That shawl is DIVINE. It's almost FAIRY-LIKE!!!! Well done you!

  3. Your shawl is fantastic! I love it:)

  4. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous. Want one!!!


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