Wednesday 15 January 2014

WIP Wednesday 176: Color Torture

Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

So you know how it is: you finish a project, the kids want to go swimming and you have no other WIPs to take with you to occupy yourself for the afternoon. You have the yarn but not the pattern for the first item in your queue. You have the yarn AND pattern for the second item, but it also involves squillions of beads - definitely an 'at home' project. 

You settle for another pattern in your queue for which you can make do with some stash yarn. When you print it you notice that also needs lots of beads - which you don't have for this one, plus, same objection as above, if you did have them.. 

You then print a pattern from near the end of the queue that you have been saving for special - and then realize that not only has the printer given up the ghost, you have no laceweight wound. You know there is no point even thinking about winding it as the kids are clamoring to get out the door, down the road and into the water already.

What to do in this dilemma ? Is it the end of the world as we know it ?

No, of course not.

We sigh resignedly and unearth our long-term crochet project, the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket. The feeling of piety and righteousness endowed by plodding on with an old project is in no way at all ever to be even thought about in the same breath as being anywhere even being near the neighborhood of the excitement of starting a Whole New Project.

At last count we had a random 119 squares completed, theoretically all made from leftovers and scraps. (Just for Titch - I mean, they are all definitely absolutely totally made from leftovers and scraps. Oh yes. Uh-huh.)

We have no idea how many squares we need as we have no real plan in mind.

Yes, I know ! Can you believe it was me talking just then ??

Anyway. We consoled ourself with adding to the total while poolside waiting for the kids to become waterlogged.

This was the first arrangement:

Sadly, it did not meet with the somewhat OCD aesthetic standards of either Mini Diva or Uber Cool Brother - who may now be merely 'Cool Brother' as a result. 

They also strongly disapproved of this arrangement:

Their response might be summed up by:   ''Oh. My. Hmm. Yes well. No. Colors ! ALL THE COLORS ! Next to each other ! ALL THE COLORS ! I'm struck blind !''

This time I ignored them, safe in the knowledge that if I thought I was out of my comfort zone with color usage, oooh, say as far as the Moon is from the Earth, then they are out of their color comfort zone as far as Pluto. So, satisfied with having imposed this level of artistic anguish on at least two people, I got greedy for more screaming and decided to impose it on you, too, Dear Readers.

You're welcome. Just enjoy how subtle everything else is going to look in comparison can check out classy things over at Tami's Amis .....


  1. They may disapprove of the second arrangement, but I think that it has pleasing symmetry. For crochet. ;-D

    All joking aside, you're too good at these things :-D

  2. Good luck deciding how to arrange them, you could do what my Mum always did, which was to put them all in a bag and just pull one out and join it, don't look! I do like both of your arrangements though!

  3. I definitely don't like the second one. The first one is better but still not right. I think a striped rainbow effect with graduating complementary colours would be my choice, alternatively pair colours and make squares of four.

  4. I would do random. Like Sarah said, put them in a bag and pull them out one by one to attach. No changing your mind like me and diving in for a specific color. Which is why I suck at random. LOL! Yes, OCD to the max here.

  5. I really don't think that's ugly enough. In fact I would say that is bordering on being a blanket where aesthetic standards are being maintained ;-). It's tasteful! You've got natural style ;-).

  6. I like the second arrangement, but I do not love it. I like the first a bit more, but I am a randome type of girl so you can probably ignore me if that's not your cup of tea haha!

  7. How about a gradient effect using the inside three colors and go from light to dark in a sort of diagonal manner?

  8. I love the second one, so I must be more random than I thought?


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