Wednesday, 30 April 2014

WIP Wednesday 172: Pre-WIP

Housewives Tarot

 So I don't seem to have a WIP. Well, OK, there might be one that technically counts somewhere covered in dust. But real live active ones ? Nope.

But I do have all the bits and bobs gathered together to cast on this lovely little baby sweater for a friend of mine who is due in June:

Yes, I've made it before - but it's such a charming and unusual pattern that I'm doing it again - this time hopefully without the unintentional 'design elements'.

For now, I must go cook posh sausages for Belo's birthday ....while you recover from the shock, pop over to Tami's Amis to see what's happening there ....


  1. That looks lovely! But will you have it knat for June!?

    Ali x

  2. Projects that are planned and bags totally count as works in progress - working these things out takes time and effort, after all! What a sweet jumper. It'll make a lovely gift.

  3. I agree with madeinoxford, especially since you've got the yarn and chosen a pattern! Sometimes that's the hardest part.


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