Wednesday 21 May 2014

WIP Wednesday: Bagatelle

Tarot of Durer

I know ! I know ! I keep meaning  to post ... and then I blink,and even more days have passed by post-less. But we have been out and about with the kids' various sports things, and also bouncing on sofas and buying a suite. It is orange and I love it. I shall love it even more when it arrives and I no longer have to sit on the old sofa and sink slowly through the cushions to come to rest on the floor.

Yes, I had a little windfall thanks to the PPI refund thing, and je suis désolée, désolée, désolée au fond de mon coeur to have to tell you I was totally adult and grown-up about it all, and wasted frittered alloacted nearly the whole blimmin' amount on bills and paying down debt. Man, I don't like being sensible, it's just no fun whatsoever.

Also summer arrived last weekend (and left today). But it meant the roses whooshed into bloom, and of the 3 roses in the front of the house, two are showing their colors:

This one can stay: it is scented, I like the color, and although it's a hybrid tea (SO passé)   it is generous with its blooms.

This one ? Will have to work much harder to merit being kept: the color is fine, the flower shape is 'meh', but by far its worst sin is to have no fragrance. Destructo Boy claims there is a faint scent, but he may be full of pity for it:

And in spite of feeling like I've been out all the time, and outside, I am managing to knit a little:

An arty shot. A rubbish arty shot.

It is a baby pattern, 'Star Jumper' from Woman's Weekly Knitting & Crochet Spring 2010. Of course, we sniggered when we read that it demands 3 balls of Rowan Cashsoft DK,(rrp £5.75/$9.69 per 50g ball) and substituted it with the far more practical and inexpensive Cygnet Kiddies Supersoft DK in 'Lemon' at £1.79/$3.02 per 100g ball.

I can no longer maintain this light and airy manner, any nonchalance (and more French vocabulary) is on the verge of deserting me in the subsuming panic I feel at heading off to the dentist for a check-up momentarily. While I trickle down the road in a river of my own fear-driven sweat, why not pop over to Tami's Amis to see what normal people are up to ? 



  1. I could bear a scentless rose if it was beautiful, but to be neither beautiful nor scented - why bother?! Plant something around it so that its colour pops through - lavender maybe? lilac with the odd pop of red is lovely. Well done on the knitting! Good luck at dentist!!

  2. It is probably a Peace rose, very popular at one time and probably my favourite as my Mum used to cut me one from the front garden on my birthday. I have one in my front garden and it is blooming too. The petals retain their scent when dried and make nice pot pourri :)

  3. Lovely stuff, thanks for sharing!

  4. I gave up trying to do artsy shots. Just can't pull them off. Love the yellow roses!

  5. Wow, I love the white-yellow roses and I feel a bit sorry for the one that is not scented and may well be headed for the end. I'll admit that the colour doesn't really appeal to me but it hope for its sake that you eventually smell that whiff of a scent as well. ;)


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