Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Finishes 2: Sweet Dreams

Shadowscapes Tarot

I am afraid this is only a little post today - TABI's AGM is coming up soon (I am currently co-Chair), and we are discussing the future path of our Ezine, as well as all the other reports from the various areas of the organization; added to this, I am collecting three 9-year old boys from school, herding them home, feeding them, and making sure they are ready to go to their school disco on time. After the disco, I predict late-night mayhem, as Destructo Boy's friends are also staying for a sleepover.

What's that ? 

Have a little nip of gin ? 

Two, you say ?

Why, yes, yes, I believe I will, thank you.

Meanwhile, this is Sweet Dreams, a Boo Knits pattern; made with Artesano 4ply Alpaca in the colorway 'Sweetpea' and using lots and lots of size 6/0 rainbow translucent beads. 

The pattern is fairly straight-forward as long as you remember to check things like if the stitch-markers move, or else you will have to tink back. Oh yes, that's how I know.

If you squint for a while, you can see the beads. Whatever I did, I could not get a photo that really showed them up.

To see things that do not require squinting, head over to my friend Chris' blog, where she is hosting 'Friday Finishes' which is replacing the old 'FO Friday' ....


  1. Lovely, as always :) I don't know where you find the patience to block all those frilly bits though, even the straightforward ones are bad enough to block

    1. It looks worse than it is, you only really have to pin the points, not every picot ...:)

  2. Incredible, just incredible, Vivianne. I only hope to get half that far before I die. :) I know what you mean about distractions though. Mine is more about imminent house move, but I know that the AGM is taking up a lot of yours and Ali's time right now.

    And that nip or three of gin--good idea. I've been in the boys' sleepover situation before: not good for actual sleeping, as I recall (at 2 am...)

  3. That's one I keep looking at, but have yet to pul the trigger on. Now I am thinking it's time. Yours is gorgeous!

  4. Sorry the beads didn't show it up in the photos but it is stunning none the less.

  5. Oh my, that is simply divine! Are you keeping or gifting? I don't think I could part with something that beautiful! Hope you survived your night.

  6. If there were a wellspring of pure beauty, spilling lazily over a majestic mountainside of gorgeousness, cascading sinuously past mesmerizing outcroppings of splendor, bathing lush growths of delicate loveliness with shimmering diamonds of misty radiance, softly veiled by a dazzling array of joyfully dancing rainbows, reaching the loving earth to become a frolicking, chuckling stream of mirth, winding lazily through a verdant meadow of floral exuberance, finally pooling into a mirror-like pond, reflecting the all-too-transient exquisiteness of one single, fragile pink rose, gracefully bejeweled with softly glowing dewdrops, like an opalescent swarm of tenderly devoted Lilliputian moons, it could not rival the Perfection which has flowed from your fingers.

  7. Wow...very pretty....I can see the beads...I have a friend obsessed with the Boo patterns and has made a bunch...

  8. ABSOLUTELY LOVELY and wonderful and yes, I could see the beads and yes I wish I felt I could do something like this. AND then, you post so we can share in the beauty.

  9. Beautiful!!! I love that soft pink color. I can see the beads and they're a great choice for that yarn


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