Wednesday, 18 March 2015

SAL Wednesday 11/2015: Know When to Hold 'Em

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 I have been somewhat lacking in what the french call va-va-voom since finishing the Tru Wuv Shawl: I have been merely doing pootling knitting - lesiurely, straightforward, no complexities, 18 row pattern repeat ... Mini Diva's retro/vintage cricket sweater:

Front and back complete, no errors ... I decided to knit the sleeves TAAT (Two At A Time) as usual - it seems a bit of a drag, but not half so much as having to make one followed by the other:

Again - nice and straightforward, increases every 6 rows, no issues.


Let us zoom out a bit:

I have 3 more repeats to do, or another 8 1/2 inches before getting to the top of the sleeves, plus the border of the rather deep V-neck. And that is the last unused ball of yarn.

One of the problems with using retro/vintage/just plain old patterns is many of them don't list the yardage of the recommended yarn, and one can't find any information on it - this pattern was for Wendy Pure Wool 25g. and needed 16 balls/400g for the size I'm making (or Wendy Courtellon Double Knit 20g, using 23 balls). I had bought 10 balls(500g) of Drops Cotton Merino with a total of 1198m/1310yds and thought that would be enough.

My unwillingness to live the adventurous life on the raggedy edge increases weekly, if not daily, I'm sure. I've ordered another 2 balls.

Go see how other people don't run out over at Life and Yarn ...


  1. I haven't picked up my needles at all in the last couple of weeks, so you're doing better than me :/ I still have to finish my Esme sleeves and do the collar as well. I shall try and do some tonight. I've ordered some cheap Sublime baby cashmere merino silk for the Japanese shawl so I can get the meterage and make all the mistakes before committing to that lush long colour change yarn :D

  2. All those cables! Love the way they look...don't love making them.....

  3. Good thing I didn't post about running out of yarn on the cowl I was making! Ripped the whole thing out. Argh!


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