Friday 10 April 2015

FO Friday 15/15: Cricket(s)

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I know ! I know ! What can I tell you ? Real life just keeps impinging - and you'll be horrified when you hear that I actually have not done any knitting for 4 days now because of it.

Yes, I know ! I can't believe it either !

But Mini Diva is on a cricket camp all day and Destructo Boy is my far more amenable child, so today I shall hoover and then - TA- DAH - spend the rest of the day scratching my knitting itch, despite the fact I have a bunch of admin stuff to do ready for Sunday and the official start of the cricket season: Titch and I have volunteered to run the snack bar/breakfast kitchen (in spite of the overlap with the end of the rugby season).

Yeah, I know. But it could be interesting - we've removed sweeties and fizzy pop from the menu ...

Anyway, I guess it's appropriate to post pictures of Mini Diva's new cricket sweater:

This was a great retro/vintage pattern, Wendy DK 1822: straightforward with no errors, for which I ended up using 11 1/2 balls/1378m/1507yds Drops Cotton Merino, which I thought was a super yarn: soft, springy, great stitch definition and great value when bought in a Drops 'party' at £2.00/$3.00 per ball. Yes, I am happy with this project, and it was very relaxing after the whole Tru Wuv experience.

So while I go prepare to do actual knitting, do pop FO Friday into Google and see what comes up ...


  1. I wore my uncle's old cricket sweater for years and years, until it gave up the ghost - this one looks much lovelier than my ratty old thing! Happy Knitting itch-scratching :-D

  2. Awesome! Yay for FOs!!!! I wouldn't know what they feel like since I haven't visited one in ages.


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