Wednesday 5 August 2015

SAL Wednesday 31/15: The Circle

Housewives Tarot

Yep, this is me today, armed and dangerous. 

Well, maybe a bit later when I'm dressed and have had another cup of tea. 

The kids are down at Nanny's, and we all know and quail from what that indicates on the wheel of my life and year - something akin to the Great Migration of Africa, but which in this case is confined to the inside of the house, has never been shown on Animal Planet or NatGeoWild, and has no David Attenborough narration: it is the Great Mucking Out.

I am hoping for less dust, no poop, and no crocodiles

I should have started yesterday, but I'd treated myself to finishing a shawl - I had only 1 row and the bind off to go, and thought maybe an hour would see me done. However, I'd neglected to consider the bajillion stitches, of which every other one had to be beaded ... and of course, blocking took more time than I'd anticipated too. However, I WASHED. ALL. THE. THINGS. Pillows, mattress toppers, blankeys, cushions, random clothes left out in the savannah open to fester (there will be more behind the beds and in the nooks and crannies, I'm sure). They are clean, dry and folded, and the house smells beautifully of clean laundry.

What's this got to do with a WIP ? Well, housework is always a WIP, more's the pity. But I thought if I finished the shawl, then there'd be nothing on the needles tempting me away from my Mission. And since the only other thing I have going is my travel knitting, I can resist:

And speaking of cycles .... this Fitzroy cardigan

thanks to the Mad Unravelling Skillz of my MIL, has been turned into this:

It was always too short, and never fitted right around the neck - it would gradually fall back, meaning I spent a lot of time hitching it back to where it ought to have been. And the buttons were not the best choice. So, now it's gone from a FO to a WIP-in-Waiting. It is lovely soft Rico Aran Cotton, and I'll probably use it to make something for Destructo Boy ...


  1. Well done to you!! I don't do deep cleans. Or even shallow cleans, come to think of it :-D And all the unravelling that I have is inside my head ..... gorgeous shawl btw :-D

    1. Oh that's not the shawl - that's a cardigan :)

  2. I do big cleans the week before Christmas - once a year is enough! Shame about the cardi, it was pretty :)

    1. Can't do it with the kids around, I get too angry about the scratched DVDs, crumpled clean clothes & general minging-ness ...

  3. You are a Saint. I'm not doing a deep clean until I have to move out!!!

  4. I've just stopped inviting people to the house...
    I unravelled a knitted waistcoat at the weekend. I had almost finished it off and was just doing the collar when I decided it wasn't right. It unravelled in minutes!! it is a baby alpaca yarn and is now being re-incarnated as a cropped cardigan.
    I adore your soft and floaty peach creation :)


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