Wednesday, 9 September 2015

SAL Wednesday 36/15: Scratching the Itch

Gendron Tarot

Well, I've been having a bit of a lull. That's what we'll call it, anyway, because it sounds so much more normal than admitting I'm jonesing for a fix since I hadn't knitted or crocheted from Friday until yesterday. It's just as well you couldn't see me, because I was having trouble concealing the itch:

So having tried a couple of stitch patterns and motifs in the King Cole Flash DK, I didn't like any of them - the colors were pooling in blotches that didn't suit the pattern - I gave up and found some random turquoise yarn (it might be Robin DK) and a pretty pattern which I thought I'd downsize for the back of a cushion cover ... this is what we have so far:

The pattern, yarn and my tension are combining to make me pay attention as if I'm not careful I'll have wavy or ruffley edges ... now if I could just work out how to do this in a rectangle rather than a square ...


  1. Very pretty! I've been having a Scrat wig-out moment or two myself over the past few days :-D

  2. Ooh, nice pattern. Is that the one I found?


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