Thursday 22 October 2015


Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

I kind of lost my way a bit recently - I embarked on a small new venture, and that distracted me from, yanno, the important things in life, like knitting for fun. I didn't want to make anything in my queue, my stash offered no inspiration, and crochet had no appeal either. It got so bad I actually cleaned the oven (not my job as I don't use it), and left the house for fresh air on a daily basis. I marked the TABI tarot training exercises so fiendishly I was up-to-date with it all, and I have a rough draft of the Chairman's Report ready for polishing for the AGM. 

I know, a bit on the early side for a spooky Hallowe'en story, but did it give you chills up your spine ? I'm quite horrified really when I think about it.

Anyway, Destructo Boy's Akela (Cub Scout leader) is expecting the patter of tiny paws so yaaay baby knitting, almost my favoritest kind - though it will mean ripping out the blankey that I have used 900m of yarn for because I don't like it's texture. I've HAD to order more yarn - would you believe it ? - as I have nothing in my stash appropriate for the Christmas gifts I want to make for Destructo Boy and Mini Diva. 

Obviously, that was the cathartic experience that was necessary to unblock the artisanal pipes, since I've decided to make the Hortense Shawl while I wait for the yarn to be delivered. No, I didn't sneak any little extras in, only one ball of baby yarn to make the amount needed for free shipping: wasn't I virtuous ?

Thing is, I thought I'd just drop you a little note as half-term starts at the end of today, and I don't know when next I'll be able to have the quiet time needed to compose the literary gems that are my posts ...


  1. Your mojo and my mojo must have run away together. Here's hoping they are both dancing in a nightclub somewhere exotic and laughing at us from beneath their dayglo cowboy hats as they sip their sunset coloured cocktails.

  2. I suspect mine is living it up with your two :/

  3. Post at your leisure, we'll be here stalking the blog for updates and such. But no pressure!! LOL. Love that shawl pattern, it will be gorgeous!

  4. EEK, I thought it said Mopping! So glad it's moping instead. A good mope is balm for the soul, a mop is so balmy.


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