Friday, 11 March 2016

FO Friday 11/16: Ascending the Everest of Stash

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You know how it is, you get an idea, and it gets stuck in your head and you must do something about it RIGHTNOWTHISVERYSECOND even though it is cold and dark and late ?

You don't ? Sanity must be a wonderful thing.

Well, Wednesday night I had an urge to make a particular pattern, for which I wanted to use a wool/alpaca blend yarn for the 'hairiness'. I was sure I would have something at least sort-of appropriate, and a quick search of my stash listed on Ravelry confirmed it.

I thought it was in the armario, but not exactly where - what shelf, near what, bagged, unbagged ... nope, no idea.

This was the result as seen the next morning in daylight:

This meant I spent a couple or three hours with the delightful job of tidying, sorting out and organizing my stash.

Nope, not one shred of sarcasm there at all. Now it looks like this:

I only had two tubs, so all the 4ply/fingering weight is in a huge bag; all my oddments are in baskets, in color groups; my two longterm WIPs and their yarn are in the big wicker basket, my short-term WIP basket is - GASP OF HORROR - empty right now. The 4 large shoeboxes (Titch takes a size 12 or 13) are full of fat quarters. There was no room for any other fabrics, the cushion forms or all the embroidery gubbins - I have several hoops (some had been my paternal Grandmother's) and a floor frame that I need to find room for somewhere ... the pouffe is already full of Chunky and random bits:

All in all, a very satisfying afternoon - me and the dog singing along to the loud radio pottering through yarn. We are totally not discussing that I now realize I have 19 sweaters'-worth of yarn. As in, 19 separate bags/packs which each contain enough of an individual yarn to make a sweater. We are definitely not telling Titch.

What did I need that Drops yarn for ?

Oh yes - this:

Cornish Dormouse Tea Cosy, pattern by Debi Birkin


  1. I have so much *impressed face* going on for this post. Firstly: the sheer QUANTITY of yarn. Secondly, the tidiness and organisational abilities. Thirdly, the dormouse tea cosy. In fact, I have a *SUPER IMPRESSED FACE* on :-D

    1. I love you, you are so easy to please :) x

  2. LOL I did something similar over Christmas - 3 large plastic crates and a couple of bin bag sized bags. I calculated that I have over 56 miles and 30kg of yarn. Do you think we need therapy? :D

  3. My yarn is mostly contained in a closet. What I can't identify or have little of lives in a huge basket on the floor of my sewing room. What I can't face is dealing with it. Most are wools, but are they 100% or super wash. I figure I will sit down with the basket one day and refer to my flickr to see if I can find the project the yarn came from. Just not up to it right now, or really EVER!

  4. Love that Cornish Dormouse, it have been very good over the last few years, my odment bin is practically empty, thanks to Mother needing oddments of DK for a sweater, just need to start using the laceweight and sock wool before my conscious is clear and I can buy more

  5. Ok, I guffawed when I saw the before photo!

  6. Only enough for 19 sweaters I thought it would be a lot more. Love always,Titch.


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