Friday, 20 January 2017

Inauguration Day

Deviant Moon Tarot
So the title of the post kind of reminds me of some movie titles - ''Independence Day'', for instance, where Earth is targeted and millions die in an alien attack. ''The Day the Earth Caught Fire''.''Day of Wrath''. ''Day of the Dead'' ... and many others in the same vein. All pretty much dealing with the end of the world in some form.

But we will focus on ''The Day After Tomorrow''.

Anna K. Tarot

A speck of light in the darkness; it leads us on, gives us a goal, encourages us along the journey and helps to illuminate the path. Do you wonder where the light comes from ?

IX The Hermit, from The Portland Tarot

 He is you. 

And me. 

He is us. 

And we are not alone - others will see our light and be drawn to it.


  1. Huzzah! May all liberally minded, outward-looking, inclusive folks take up the baton and be the light in the darkness <3

  2. Speaking of the end of the world, have you ever seen "The Day The Fish Came Out"? Archaeologist Candice Bergen, a goatherd, and "a rather Cosmopolitan group of Hotel Experts" who are actually searching for missing nuclear weapons. Because if the world is going to end, it should end with a chuckle.

    1. Nope - I wonder how I managed to miss that classic ? LOL

  3. Funny how it's all a matter of perspective. I would not have chosen Trump, in fact did not vote for him in the Primary. But no way was I going to vote for a woman who held our country's security in such contempt.

    1. I couldn't have voted for a man who held the disabled, women, people of color, LGBTs in such contempt. Clinton did exactly the same as Colin Powell ...
      Who exactly is holding the country's security in contempt - the person who has emails on the wrong server, or the person who has a close friendship and deals with Putin ?


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