Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Best Laid Plans

So I have been a good girl - I haven't done any knitting, but have rather lacklustredly got on with the patchwork baby cot quilt for my SIL's Bump. Her due date was last Tuesday, which obviously wasn't quite enough of a shove for me; however, news that her waters had broken and contractions had started 21:45 Friday night did. After a couple of return trips to hospital, it was decided that an emergency Caesarian section was necessary, and a gorgeous 7 lb 12 oz baby boy was delivered safely this morning at 9:34 a.m; and everyone is healthy and fine. Which was absolutely great news for a cold, rainy Sunday morning. Well, actually, it would have been great news for any morning.

All other aspects of domestic life taken care of, today I have purely focussed on this quilt. I love my SIL and my BIL (DH's youngest brother) but nothing will prevail on me to sew anything for anyone again. I'd forgotten how much I loathe it. Not so much the sewing, I guess, as how cack-handed I am, and what a bad temper that puts me in. The plus side to this is that the kids stay pretty quiet and avoid me.

cot quilt border

Moonheart & Inky helping with the batting

Inky helping with the quilting

And this is what happens when you buy all the materials for a project ahead of time, with no real idea of the size of the finished item ....

I have already quilted the top two layers - the backing fabric being fleece, I thought the quilting would be too visible if I quilted all three layers. So where I thought I'd be spending this evening hand-sewing the binding, instead I will have to wait for DH to come home next weekend, in order to go to Felixstowe to buy more/different fabric for the backing ....

The cot quilt, like the baby, will be late ......


  1. OMG how beautiful a gift is that ? And better late than never !

  2. It's beautiful - I love the colours.


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