Sunday, 14 February 2010


A Lady's Prayer to Cupid

Since I must needs into thy school return,
Be pitiful, O Love, and do not burn
Me with desire of cold and frozen age,
Nor let me follow a fond boy or page;
But, gentle Cupid, give me if you can
One to my love, whom I may call a man,
Of person comely, and of face as sweet;
Let him be sober, secret and discreet,
Well practised in Love's school; let him within
Wear all his beard, and none upon his chin.

Thomas Carew (1595-1639)

I met such a man in 2002. Reader, I married him.


  1. Good for you! Happy belated Valentine's Day! C

  2. LOL yes, I was lucky, and made a far better choice the second time around ! ;-)


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